Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Monday, Friends!
How was your weekend? If it was anything like ours it was a little crazy mixed in with a lot of fun, family time and laughter. Our castle was filled with crazy little boys this weekend-- all celebrating Mason. It was such a special time. I learned a lot of new things about little boys and birthday parties. Juice boxes, pizza and a football game was truly all this castle needed. Who knew the hours of decorating and party planning really would go by the way side? It was all worth it to see a bunch of little boys laughing, running, jumping, tackling and simply doing what they were created to do at this moment--be little boys.

This week I am saying yes....
... to spiderman, a soccer player and a super hero
... I am saying yes to sneaking candy out of my boys bags when they fall asleep
...  yes to getting ready for our Family Christmas Photo Shoot
... yes to making props
... yes to family get togethers
... yes to more birthday parties and soccer games
... yes to enjoying another Halloween with my three little men
... I am saying yes to confidence in my ability and calling to be a mom  
... yes to less stress

So tell me, What are YOU saying yes to this week? 

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