Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things I Love Thursday {Weight Watchers Edition}

Does this blog make me look fat? Growing up I struggled with my weight. I was never the skinny girl. Most all of my girlfriends weighted 100 lbs soaking weight. While they would be eating Taco Bell after school everyday I would be counting points. I have been on so many diets throughout the years it makes me sick to even think about it. I found the one thing that always worked for me was Weight Watchers. It allowed me to actually eat and not feel like I was starving myself. Being a teenager and struggling with your weight is miserable. Weight Watchers for me was a blessing. 

I forgot how much freedom I actually had while doing Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers is an amazing plan, a change that you are willing to make so that you can have a healthier and happier lifestyle. You re-learn what is good to eat and do, but also learn how to let go of 'diet rules' and actually relax and enjoy birthday parties and the occasional sweet tooth.  

Which brings me to one of the best desserts EVER. It is like heaven in your mouth. Yep, I said it. Friends, if you like snickers bars here is a healthier alternative.

The biggest difference nutritionally between this bar of goodness and an actual Snickers Bar is that the ice cream bar contains 3 grams of fiber and less than half of the grams of sugar. It is a ton lower in calories as well {271 vs. 150}. 

So, the next time you crave a candy bar try the Weight Watchers Candy Bar. Your waste line and taste buds will thank me. What are your go-to healthy desserts? 

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  1. I agree, those ice cream candy bars are AWESOME!! I love weight watchers also, I've had great success with it!

  2. I am a HUGE ww advocate! It is how I lost weight post-college and after both my babies (when I gained an unfortunate amount of weight). I love the skinny cows. I am also a huge fan of - she has great ww recipes!

  3. Meggan I had no idea about that website until now! I LOVE it. Thanks! xoxo

  4. I will definitely try this out! =) I've had a constant struggle with my weight too. =( Wish I was naturally thin and could eat anything.......

    I love your blog! I also love your son's names. It's so ironic that I'm married to a "Brady", and my son, "Bradyn" has two buddies that are his absolute favorites named, "Mason" and "Cole". So hilarious! He talks about them non stop. Hope you have a happy Halloween!


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