Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

It's been one of those weeks....
Pulled in a million different directions. 
Wishing I had a clone of myself so I could be everywhere I need to be.
I keep telling myself to enjoy this time because I know one day I will want this crazy, sleepless time back. So, here I am at 10:58 pm finally sitting down to write one of my favorite posts of the week. Linking up with Lindsey and the crew for another week of 
What I Wore WednesdayThe weather here has been insane. 
One day it 40 degrees the next day it 70. So, this week I have been dressing in layers. What else is a girl to do? 

Skinny Jeans~ Forever 21
Cardigan~ Express
Tank~ Gap

Can I just tell you these Nine West shoes feel like I am wearing slippers and what is even better I got them from the Clothing Swap!

Dress~ Forever 21

Shoes~ Steve Madden 

Guess what? I have box tickets to So You Think You Can Dance. I am feel like a sixteen year old school girl. My sweet friend send me a message on FB and asked if I wanted to go. There was NO question. The only question I have is for all of YOU.
What should I wear? 
It's Tuesday so ladies I am counting on you. {By the way, I am totally practicing my dance moves just in case. You never know when I might be called to show off my moves}


  1. That is going to be so fun. I am sure whatever you wear will be adorable, and hopefully we'll see pictures! Love that dress and those shoes.

  2. I soo want a pair of green flats. I love yours

  3. I LOVE your striped pink cardigan. I love the open cardigan look, but right now I only have a gray that yours has color! And yes, aren't comfy shoes the best? The shoes I wear the most are ballet flats I got from wal-mart, because they're so comfy!

  4. i am so-you-think-you-can-dance-JEALOUS!

    have fun.

    what to wear??? wear that cute headband for sure!

  5. LOL!
    Wear something funky just in case. :)
    I was wondering why you didn't post earlier...I can so relate to "that" kind of week. Hang in there and have fun Tuesday!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) You have such cute style!!! This is the craziest thing, but I think I visited your blog earlier this week from a pin on Pinterest. So crazy and cool! I'm interested in seeing what you wear to So You Think You Can Dance? We're going to an Avett Brothers concert in a couple of weeks, and I'm nervous about what I should wear. Sorry for the long comment. I'm your newest follower :)

  7. What a lovely little blog AND family you have! {WALMART dress lady here} :) Thanks for stopping by my little blog as well!

  8. How fun to go see all those talented dancers! Hope you have a blast! I like your cute slipper shoes. And that dress is so great!

  9. How fun!!! Ok...I could be biased but I think you should wear something with Ruffles! (LOL). are so cute in anything...I would dress for comfort and the possibility of dancing on don't want any parts showing on camera that shouldn't....




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