Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 Ways To Give Back

When is the last time you gave back? Did you know that there are literally billions who don't have access to clean water. To bring it a little closer to home that means that over 2500 kids in Africa are dying daily. Ways to give back our embedded in our shopping trips, our coffee stops, our normal day to day life.  Here are 10 ways you can give back, support your favorite causes, and simply make a difference. 

1.  Go to Samaritan’s Purse‘s gift giving catalog and purchase something. From clean water filters to Honey Bees, they have it all for people who truly need it. 

2. Help your local food bank. Some of us have time and others just want to give financially. Go to the store, buy $100 worth of groceries and then go drop them off. How many people would you feed in your community? 

3. Give the gift of time. Set aside a day and spend the entire day with your family {no phones, no computers}. Let everyone pick one thing to do that does not cost money, go for a walk, play a board game, take a drive, play some soccer or basketball, read a book together, play a board game, watch a movie on the couch. Whatever you do just do it as a family.

4.  Give an anonymous gift. This is my favorite. This is one of the best gifts ever! You can choose the place, the time and even he person. You can pay for a single mom’s tires/oil change when you go to get yours changed/replaced and do not let them know.  Pay for the family behind you in the drive through lane at the fast food restaurant. You can even leave a note with a small gift card on the door step of someone you know who is hurting.

5. All you doll lovers. Did you know that a portion of sales from karitokids {modern day dolls} goes to a child-relief charity. This is a great way to give a gift that keeps giving.  

6. Do you send out cards for Christmas or just a drop a note to let someone know you are thinking of them? The Orphan Card Shop offers four different lines of fair trade greeting cards. Each purchase will directly benefit a Russian orphan. 
7. For all of you organic lovers out there. Erbaorganics is eco-friendly organic mommy-to-be and baby skin care line. The best part is 15% of baby body oil and wash benefit Worldwide Orphans Foundation. You can purchase this line also at Target.
8. The next time you go to Starbucks grab a bottle of water. Did you know every time you purchase a bottle of Ethos Water, you contribute 5 cents to the Ethos Water Fund, part of the Starbucks Foundation. What an easy way to make an impact and help. 

9. There is a place called Gifts That Give Back . What  I love about this website is that you can search for all different kinds of things. Glassware to clothes, you name it. One out of every Five dollars you spend goes to a cause of your choice. 
10. Who doesn't love shoes? This is one of my favorite organizations ever! TOMS-- with every pair of fabulous shoes you purchase with them they will turn around and give a child in need a pair. One for One. They even have eye wear now. I am getting ready to purchase two pairs. They are not only adorable but more importantly it is putting a pair of shoes of a sweet kid who is in NEED. 

We all need to do our part. What are some ways you are giving back? I challenge you to think of a practical way to give back this week.  

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  1. So cool. Thanks for this great list full of opportunities to give!

  2. Love this post! You could also join the sisterhood www.bloodwaterbelt.org :)

  3. We do several of these... it feels good to give and share our blessings. :)


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