Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh Friday!

I have been counting down the days for you to arrive.
 This has just been one of those weeks.
A. Long. Week.
  Thankful to spend some quality time with my three little men.
To run, jump, dance and play with them. 
To be part of their world this weekend.
Filled with birthday parties, soccer games, laughter and a lot of fun!

  Oh Friends, I am ready to take a deep breath, slow down for a bit 
and enjoy my boys this weekend. This stage of life can be crazy.
I am ready to get lost in this weekend with them. Enjoy the beautiful weather and changing leaves. Soak in their joy
In their laughter and see life through their sweet sweet eyes!
Are you ready for this weekend like I am?
So do tell, what are your special plans


  1. I LOVE the them and never want to see them end. The weeks seems to be crammed full of busyness and I crave the slower pace of some of our weekends!! :)

    Enjoy, Maria!!!


  2. "Soak in their joy." I love that. :) My husband and I got to sit on an ocean cliff while my boys went to a birthday party. It was so peaceful and beautiful. :)


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