Monday, July 25, 2011

I am saying YES {Five Love Languages}

Happy Monday!
I hope you weekends were filled with some rest and relaxation. It has been crazy hot here. So, we have spent some oh so fun times at the pool. For some reason everything, even swimming, turns into a competition at our castle. I hate to brag but I am pretty sure I finally found something I can beat my hubby in! 

{Oh, that face. You can't help but smile.}

As I was trying to figure out what I was going to say "yes" to this week. I remembered a post from a while back.  All of us have an emotional need to feel love, but we all don't feel love in the same manner. I would say this has something to do with the reasons so many children often see their parents argue and fight and why the divorce rate has skyrocketed over the years.  Not understanding how someone feels loved can hurt/end marriages, friendships... 

So, here is the gest of the book called, "The Five Love Languages".  All of us have "Love Tanks". They need to be full, if they aren't we feel hurt, frustrated, resentful {you get the point}. However, in most cases, the spouse, friend, parent doesn't know what your love language is and therefore can't fill your 'love tank'. 

Here are the FIVE love languages:
Acts of Service
Physical Touch
Quality Time
Words of Affirmation
So, this week I am saying YES to making sure {because I think I know but not for sure} what my Chris' love language is. I am also saying YES to really trying to figure out in my friendships what their love language are. Yes, it is different in some was in compared to a spouse but what if this entire time I have been buying them gifts to show them how much I appreciate them and all they really needed was me to tell {words of affirmation} them I appreciate them. So, there you have it friends. What are you saying YES to this week?


  1. What is your love language?

  2. Love, love, love the 5 love languages book! :) Your kids are ADORABLE!

  3. I just read that book on our way home from vacation! I loved it!! It was very meaningful.

  4. I need to read that! Lots of people have recommended it. I know my husband is probably the affection one so today I will say yes to lots of hugging him.........


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