Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10 Things You Can Learn From My Crazy Themed Photo Sessions

All of our clothes are lined up, the props are put in the back of the car, the bribes have been offered. Can you guess what we are prepared for? Yep, another fabulous photo shoot. You would think by now I would have it all together and know what I am doing and how to prepare my boys. That is so not the case. Each session I am learning more of the do's and don'ts. I thought it would be a great idea for me to pass along what I have learned. That way you wont make the same mistakes I did {yep, I am that nice}! 

1. Be Prepared. Have everything laid out the night before. Make sure all clothes have not only been laid out but tried on by ALL family members. Make a detailed list of what you need to bring to the shoot.  
2. Snack it upGo to your session with well-rested, well-fed kids. Don’t forget some snacks and drinks for them. You never know when you may need them and help stop a potential melt down from occurring.
3. With kids, timing is everything. You know your kids so you have to do what’s best for them. I have found that first thing in the morning or right after nap time is usually a safe bet, kids seem to be pretty smiley when they are well rested {and bribed with cookies}. 
4. Slow to Speak. Don't talk to much about the session before hand. Yes, giving them an idea of what is going to happen and what they can expect is one thing. Talking about it days in advance is another. 
5. Allow your kids to work with the photographer and assistant. You don't always need to chime in and answer the questions. There is a reason they are asking your kids questions. Allow your photographer that trust. They will often attempt a shot if the photographer is the one asking not the mom.
6. Think outside the box. Do your kids like being super heroes? Is their favorite movie UP? Create a theme for a photo shoot that shows of the personality of your family.
7. Planning. Just because you plan the way you want things to go doesn't mean that you will get that and that's OK. While it is good to have a plan you must realize when photographing kids it almost always will not go as planned. :)
8. FlexibilityExpect to be the nose wiper, funny noise maker, and wardrobe fixer.  The photographer and the pictures will really benefit with mom’s help.  So gear yourself up for some hard work. Don't forget... Mom may need to step away and let the photographer work her magic. Be prepared to be flexible and have fun!
9. Relax. Relax. Relax. This is where I fail terribly. I want everything to be perfect but nothing is ever perfect. Your kids can sense when you are stressed. So take a few deep breaths and try to make it fun for everyone. 
10. Be yourself and Have fun. Yes, it can be stressful but make it fun. Like I said before, the best shots are ones that aren't usually planned. It's the family being connected and being themselves. After all, that’s what you want to remember in ten or twenty years, right?

Friends, I just can't wait for you all to see the photo shoot from this morning. It turned out just adorable! 

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  1. I can't WAIT to see the pics!

  2. I am a photographer and I LOVE what you have written here. You are spot on with every suggestion!!!! Thank you

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. It's encouraging to hear -especially from a photographer!! xoxo


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