Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Healthy Eating Never Goes Out of Style.

Hi Friends! I hope your Tuesday is going fabulous! I have been on a mission lately to clean up my eating and make a valid effort to start forming healthy eating habits. I am a snacker by nature. I would prefer to ONLY snack {on candy} all day! I am convinced I could live on it but I have three little boys who are watching my EVERY move and I need to not only talk about being healthy and active but show them what that looks like. My friend, Jenna from Wholesome Bits has inspired me to take on the challenge of eating clean. I am so not there but I am taking teeny tiny baby steps. I love what she said last week, "80% of what you look like is due to what you are eating." Yikes... Chew on that one for a minute.

So to kick off our healthy eating we have been on a MAJOR smoothie kick lately. All of my boys {even baby Cole} LOVE them. Plus, I find that they’re a great way to get several servings of fruits and sometimes even a few veggies in. I am not a fan of drinking my calories but this is one exception I will make! 

We switch it up quite a bit and I add in different fruits {blueberries, peaches}. I thought I would share some smoothie recipes that I can't wait to try. Warning: Your mouth WILL start to water and you will begin to crave... 

Here are my Top Ten!
1. Strawberry, Mango and Yogurt Smoothie
2. Pom-Berry-Banana Smoothie
3. Berry-Orange-Smoothie
4. Banana Blueberry-Smoothie
5. Banana-Yogurt Smoothie
6. Orange Glorious
7. Citrus-Berry Smoothie
8. Apricot Smoothie
9. Wake-Up Smoothie
10. Strawberry Soy Smoothie

How great do those sound? So quick, easy and most importantly healthy. What are you doing to develop healthy eating habits? Are you a smoothie drinker? If so, please let me in on some of your favorites!! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I just saw my magic bullet today and thought, "I have not made a smoothie in awhile." (I did eat breakfast today tho!) I too, like Jenna, started with getting rid of the chicken nugget. I think my kids have had them like 5 times in over a year. Jamie Oliver is a great site to check out for ideas. (He is the reason I stopped the nuggets.) Happy Eating friend!

  2. These sound fantastic! I used to do smoothies all the time, but I think I burned out on them. These recipes get me in the mood to try again, especially now that it's summer.
    Strawberry, peach and banana with yogurt was my favorite.
    Stopping by from Oh Amanda.

  3. Ok, those recipes rock! Thank you for posting them, Maria :)


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