Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hellooo my sweet friends! I’m linking up with Lindsey for What I Wore Wednesday, a fabulous fun way to show off some of the fun outfits you wore throughout the week! It has been CRAZZZY hot here!
 The kind of hot that you literally are sweating within 30 seconds of stepping outside. 
This week I had a little fun trying new ways to post some of my pictures. Remember my awesome friend E? She is the one who kicked cancers butt. Well, I went to her 'I am cancer free' party on Saturday. Such a great time celebrating life and how good our God truly is!

Black Tank: Express
Skinny Jeans: Forever 21

I have been wanting to wear this fun yellow tank for a while. I LOVE the sequin stripe. Seriously, how fun is that? Can you tell I am really loving the sequins and ruffles this summer?!
Tank: Macy's
Capri's- Forever 21

So after this week I think I am pretty much NEVER wearing jean material. Sweat plus tight jeans... not good. I think I may just live in my dresses and of course this is a Target dress. If you have been reading my blog for a while I didn't need to tell you where it was from did I?! 

These WIWW posts make me smile. So, thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day and tell me if you found $10 in the street what would you do with it???? xoxox


  1. I love fancy tanks and jeans too. If I found $10 I would probably end up buying lunch with it.

  2. Cute outfits! Love that yellow tank and the black one too. If I found $10, I would see if anyone around me lost it, and if I couldn't find the owner, I would probably take it to Target and say a prayer for the person who donated to my wardrobe :)

  3. I have that same striped Target dress!!! Great taste!

    I love both your tanks :) But I am with ya on the denim factor. Not a fan of sweaty legs and whatnot. Ew.

  4. AGH!! I have the same camera strap sleeve/cover. Had to let you know... and don't you just luv it! Yellow is my thang right now so I luv your tank too!

  5. oh friend you always look so cute! love your fun/dressy tanks.
    If i found $10 i would for sure keep it...cause you snooze you lose. Then I would probably spend it on something lame like lunch or something...but since its been such a lucky day...I bet I would find a super cute shirt on sale at Target for $9.99


  6. Love that yellow tank! So cute. If I had $10 I would buy fabric! :)

  7. Always enjoy reading your posts! Such a sunshiney attitude! :0) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too!


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