Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday....

To the woman who taught me
... how to press on and pursue Christ no matter what circumstances you face
... to NEVER compromise what I believe
... how to be a caring, sacrificing, loving mom
... how to put on false eyelashes
 ... to laugh a lot
... that family is everything
... that mistakes are ok if you learn from them

To the woman...
... who I laugh with 
... who I cry with
... who I talk to 3 times a day {at least}
... who I talk like
... who I look like
... who is my #1 shopping partner
... who my boys adore
... who I laugh like
... who knows me better than anyone else
... who encourages me
... who prays for me and my boys
... who still makes my bed {whenever she is over}
... who loves my boys with every bone in her body
... who is not only beautiful on the outside but radiant on the inside
... who ages with grace and beauty

There are few words that can express how much I love you, need you and treasure the time we spend together and the time you spend with my boys. You are truly a woman of great character and beauty. You inspire me, Mom, to be a better mom. I see all that you do for me and the boys {all that you have done} and I am amazed and forever grateful. My prayer is that I make you proud. That I make your heart happy. I love you and truly believe this will be your best year yet!
 I love you with every ounce of my being!
To the woman I am so grateful to call Mom:
Happy Birthday!!

*A special thank you to Nikki James Photography for taking such beautiful pictures of my mom*

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