Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Unpredictable World.

Toddlerhood {N}
There are many things happening in our castle. One of the many worlds we have entered in again is Toddlerhood. Which can I tell you, it's intense. You would think because he is my third I would be used to the intensity of tears, joy, excitement, and laughter that abound. I am not. It is exhausting at times {not in a bad way}. The things that he finds funny are seriously HI- lariously funny. Like turning his head and running at full force not having a clue at what he might run into, or dancing and spinning his little body is ways I have never seen. He has me literally in tears. He has the kinda laugh that when he gets going his little eyes go Chinese and he gets this enormous grin on his face. Did I mention the belly laugh? The kid cracks himself up. Which in turn makes anyone and everyone around him belly laugh. When he's happy, he's really really happy.

Yes, he has found that if loudness comes from his mouth {aka yells at the top of his lungs} his brothers laugh uncontrollably. So, the pure shrieks of joy have begun. It is ear piercing and makes me CRAZY but he thinks it's the best thing ever. He has endless curiosity and no fear right now. Really? Why is he not scared of climbing on the play microwave and balancing his little body on it. No fear. He claps for himself as I almost have a heart attack and as I watch Coach W laugh at this kid. Our kid. 

In this world of toddlerhood the word 'NO' can make the little guy crazy. For example, you may not climb in the dishwasher while mommy is emptying it or better yet no you may not 'steal' the remote control and press every button known to man. On a side note- the kid is a genius. He found the remote {he has radar on that thing} and DVR'd one of the Basketball playoff games. I am pretty sure he was trying to score 'favorite kid' points with his dad. {Don't tell the other boys but I think it worked}.

Toddlerhood is ever changing, intense, unpredictable and pretty much exhausting but there is nothing like it. It refines you as a mom. Yes, there are MANY days I want to join in on his tantrums and fling my body on the ground and scream like a crazy person{seriously, how great would that be?} but I wouldn't change this time for anything. I wouldn't change a thing about my Cole. He is crazy loud, ever so snuggly, hilarious and just plain perfect. I am forever thankful that I am his momma. 

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