Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday {Favorite Accessory}

Hello Dear Friends! It's my favorite time of the week. Who doesn't love a little fashion in their life? Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy has the best ideas and I am so thankful for all of my 'new friends' that I have met through WIWW!  It has been such a huge encouragement and blessing to me! 

{my favorite accessory EVER is from H&M}.
 It's that fabulous orange purse with a neck strap and flap closure... 
I can put my cell phone and a credit card in there to run to a store or go to lunch.
 Who really likes lugging around huge accessories? 
Especially when I already have three adorable little men as my accessory. 

Tank Top and Skirt: Gap, Flower Hair Accessory: Forever 21, 
 My Go To Cropped Jean Jacket: Forever 21, Camera Strap: Eclectic Whatnot

AND because my hubs said, "You will never post your 'Get in Shape Girl's' picture" Here it is what I  wore friday to celebrate a fabulous birthday celebration...

Shirt- H&M, Hair Accessory-, Orange Fabulous Arm Band- Skateworld
Skirt- Target

Are you ready for today’s fun question? I have a few go to store's that I LOVE. If you had to pick ONE store for clothing for a new Spring wardrobe, where would you go???  


  1. I would love to buy just about everything in Francesca's right now! I will be buying most of my things from H & M or Forever 21, though...nice and cheap!

    I'm working on a blog makeover, and I think I might add WIWW as a feature! I bought a fantastic book in the periodical section of Barnes and Noble about blogging with WordPress--you should check it out!

  2. Great outfits and photography! I just did my first WIWW at my blog I love seeing outfit combinations from everyone!

  3. That get in shape girls outfit is hysterical. Holy Flashback Batman! So fun. :-)

  4. OOH, that bag from H&M is so cute! I don't know that I can pull it off but it looks great on you. And the flower in your hair is a great touch. Adorable outfit!!

  5. Adorable outfit! I tried on a similar skirt at Target this weekend...yeah not near that cute on me! ha!

    Love Forever 21, but don't go there often enough!

  6. If I had to pick one store, I would pick Macy's (huge selection there).
    I love the khaki skirt

  7. I would love to shop for all my clothes at like Francesca's or jcrew somewhere that I don't typically shop!

    You can usually find me at Old Navy or Target...

  8. Wow - that is fabulous-ness at its finest!!!!
    Love the first outfit!

    Hrm. if I could pick one place? I am loving everything JCrew has out right now, but my wallet does not love JCrew. So I'd pick that. Realistically, I'd pick Old Navy, though. For once, I am loving their spring stuff.

  9. Cute! Pick just one?? Probably Forever 21...tons to choose from!

  10. LOVE this post..i cant pick a fav!!

    and my fav store if i got $$ would be Anthro- Forever 21 and Jcrew

    I also linked up

  11. You look amazing as always!!
    Loving the shirt and skirt.

    I am SO excited! H&M is coming to Utah! YAY!

    Have a great day : )

  12. SO glad I found you on WIWW.

    Love each and every outfit.

    Only store for spring wardrobe on mat leave budget...H & M. Fo sho!


  13. First off...I am SOOOOO proud that you posted your get in shape outfit...a little bummed you didn't get the leg warmers in, but I will let it slide!
    Favorite store is Francesca's, you wouldn't know it, right! I am a goodwill girl, but for a whole spring wardrobe...not goodwill.

  14. Love it as always! My go-to store would be Forever 21, but will realistically be Plato's Closet since I have no money for mama!

  15. WHAT? No ruffles? :) I LOVE your get in shape outfit! Made me giggle! I am a LOFT girl myself. Can't help the LOFT Outlet even more now that it opened a mere 15 minutes from my house.

    Have a super week!



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