Monday, April 25, 2011

I say YES!

Our castle was SO excited about this weekend.
Lots of Easter Egg Hunting. 
Sweet time with family.
Lots of eating candy.
Chocolate smeared kisses.
Sugar high little boys running a muck.
A special time of celebration at church.
So, rain and all it was a great weekend. 

I am ready for this week to begin.
Spring Break is almost over.
The older boys will be back in school tomorrow.
So this week... I am saying YES.
Yes to holding this sweet little boy.

Yes to spending some much needed time with just him.
Yes Yes Yes to kissing his chubby cheeks.
Yes to letting him splash around in the bath tub for as long as he wants.
Yes to letting him have ALL my attention.
Yes to holding him for as long as he wants me to.
Yes to sneaking in his older brothers Easter baskets and getting
his favorite mini M&M's for him to eat.
Yes to little boy dance parties.
Yes to just him.
All of my attention. All of my heart. All of my hugs. All of my kisses.
All for only...him!

So tell me...What are you saying YES to this week?


  1. So precious. :-) It's the week before finals so I am saying yes to poewr naps this week!


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