Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bring on the HIVES.

Yep, bring on the red splotches. The one thing that wont let me hide the fact that I am scared to death. In fact, I have hives even thinking about Sunday! Did you forget? Thats when I get to dance with a ton of skinny little ladies {and men} to get certified in Zumba! Yikes! I thought I would amuse you with some of the thoughts that are looming in my head about Sunday. 

1. What happens if I am the fattest girl there?
2. Will I fall on my face while the instructor is staring at me?
3. What if I trip over my own feet?
4. Will I be the girl with the SWASS?
5. What if they make me go up on stage and do the dougie or something like that?
6. What if I am the girl who thinks she is really good but in reality I am hilariously terrible.
7. What if I am covered in hives the entire 8 hours?
8. Holy crap...eight hours. Will I pass out?
9. What if everyone is in their Zumba gear and I come in with my glitter headband and 'So You Think You Can Dance' shirt. Will I stand out? 
10. Okay, no more 'what if's'? I will be freaking fabulous! Right?

How many of us can relate to the 'what if' fear of the unknown? How many times have you and I put off doing something that we know will be good for us out of fear? Fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of looking silly. How many wonderful things have we missed out on?

 So, here's to facing our fears head on and not giving into the 'what ifs' of life. We don't have time for it. This life is short. Are you letting fear hold you back?

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  1. You will be freaking fabulous!

    "I can do all this through him who gives me strength."
    - Philippians 4:13

  2. You will be awesome, girl!!! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh!!! Not laughing AT you, laughing WITH you!!! Love ya girl.


  3. After you left that comment on my blog, I checked out what Zumba was -- and holy shit, if you can even attempt doing that for eight hours you ARE freaking fabulous, even IF you pass out! lol

    I'm definitely letting fear of rejection hold me back from submitting some of my illustrations into publishers. I get all frustrated thinking about all of the What If's. You're fabulous just for working through them.

  4. You will kill it, and as you know I can totally relate to the fear of the unknown. And sweetie...really? I don't think you could ever be the fattest girl in the room ANYWHERE! You've so got this!


  5. Maria,

    You will not be the fat girl and I'm sure your glitter headband will be great. You really are good. I watch you from the back ;).
    I'm sure you will do great!!

  6. :( I understand feeling insecure, and I don't necessarily get hives, but I do tremble when I am nervous. From what I can tell, you are gorgeous, skinny, and fit. And the thing is, even if you weren't you could still be an amazing instructor. I have a friend who is closer to a plus size and she does a great job as a trainer.

  7. So thankful for ALL your encouraging words. I am excited and have my thong leotard ready to go! {kidding}


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