Saturday, January 8, 2011

Taking the plunge...

Do you remember this post? As you all know by now, like many of you, I put things off or say I will do it in a few months.  I fully know I am NEVER going to actually do it all because I am afraid I will fail at doing it. Kinda like the blog situation. I had wanted to start a blog for as long as I can remember but was terrified no one would read it. Look, you are reading and hopefully loving it! If nothing else one day my little loves will read all about their crazy but oh so fabulous momma so either way it is a win/win situation, right?

Which bring me to this.... I have been somewhat obsessed with Zumba. In fact, I am pretty sure many of my friends and family think I have a problem. Here's the deal. I lost ALL of my third child baby weight because of it. Many of you know losing the third child extra baby weight is enough to make you want to jump off a cliff. {not really but you get my point} I have always loved to dance and always loved/had to exercise. This for me was the perfect mixture. So, I have been going to classes for about 9 months now and love it just as much if not more than when I took my first class. It makes me feel young. It gives me energy. It keeps me in shape. It lets me dance. So, instead of saying I am going to do something and NEVER do it I want to tell you I am getting certified in March. Why am I telling you this? Because this means I can't back out if I get nervous or start to doubt myself. Failure isn't an option.

Here's the deal... People have already asked me when and where I will be teaching. I am fabulous and love to dance so I would want to come to my own class. {I kid. I kid.} I have no plans as of right now to teach BUT I am praying that doors open up for me to teach if that is what I am supposed to do. I want other women to enjoy exercise and most importantly enjoy their bodies. Nobody can make you take care of yourself. YOU have to do it. YOU have to take the time and put in the effort. As moms we always put everyones needs in front of our own. We have to take care of ourselves and our bodies or we wont be here to help everyone else.

I could stay on that soapbox for a long time. I will keep you all posted. In the mean time go try out Zumba and if it's not for you that's fine... just do something active! You deserve it and believe me you will thank me later when you are feeling fabulous and looking hott!


  1. When I left today I was totally thinking, "Maria should teach zumba." No lie! Thanks for inviting was super fun!

  2. Thanks for saying that! It made my day! I am SO glad you came!

  3. You rock, girl!!

    Where do you do Zumba?

  4. Sometimes at Zumba, I watch you and not the instructor (totally not in a creepy way). I'll come to your class when you start teaching one!

  5. Jessica- I take it at Far Hills! It's fabulous. You should try it... you would love it!

    Lisa- You make me laugh! I love shakin my booty with you {not in a creepy kinda way} ;) I will have to tell you my new idea if I start teaching... Here's a hint.. It has to do with giving away something sparkly to each new dancer!!!


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