Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear Brain,

I know there are no secrets between us, but we need to talk. Obviously I've done something to upset you because you, my friend, are no longer around when I need you. In fact, you seem to think it's entertaining to watch me struggle some days without your support. For example, I just got a bill back from the post office I sent WITHOUT the dang stamp on it. Seriously? Where were you? There are days that you make a brief appearance and I am reminded that you do exist. It makes me miss you even more when you are gone. Which is often. For example... actually, I can't even remember the example I was going to use to illustrate my point so obviously you only let me remember one thing today and now you have decided you're on hiatus once again.... awesome. 
I wish I could fix whatever it is between us that has gotten you all worked up. Yes, I know I have put you through a lot in the past six years. Were you over worked and under appreciated? Well, suck it up. I feel that way all the time. Once all three of my little loves were here it's kinda like you bailed on me. {sigh} I know you work hard and you are managing all the worries, need to knows, running around, changing diapers, getting lunches, wiping butts, getting kids dressed and the list goes on and on...   
Regardless of reason, despite my stubbornness, I am here to say to you that I am sorry... not knowing what I did wrong but truly I am sorry. I really need you back and I know you have to miss me when you are gone. Really... How could you not? I am the bomb. {see.. you never would have let me use the word "bomb"... it's so 1995} You have been with me when I needed you the most. However, recently you have been gone and really... I'd like you back for good. I deeply miss you and frankly so does everyone else around me!

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  1. hmmm... you pregnant? ;) j/k One of my friends always says being pregnant gave her placenta brain!

    I can so relate to this one girl. It's amazing how motherhood takes it toll on the brain!

  2. Oh Emily it would be a entire different post if I were pregnant! HA! NO more babies... for now at least.

    Glad you can relate! It's the memory thing that drives me CRAZY. I guess I will have to start writing everything down like my mom! :) Enjoy the rest of your day with your sweet little loves!


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