Sunday, January 2, 2011

This week I say YES...

This week I say yes to 6 am.
Yes to long runs and some serious zumba dance moves.
I say yes to laughter and enjoying my family.
I say yes to cheering for Coach W and my DC boys!
I say yes to God.  Yes to prayer.
I say yes to getting things DONE.   
I say yes to good thoughts that energize, uplift and encourage me.
I say yes to blogging my little heart away!
I say YES to lovin on the three sweet loves of my life!
I say yes to learning about things that fill me with joy.   
I say yes yes yes to a heart of gratitude. YES to saying THANKS.
I say yes yes yes to more than 5 hours of sleep every night.
I say yes to encouraging others and being a supportive wife, mom and friend.
I say yes to confidence in my God given abilities.

Yes to acting like a teenager who is addicted to her favorite reality shows
Yes to the people and things that energize, inspire and fill my soul with JOY.
What do YOU say yes to this week?!
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  1. Loving this post :)

    I'm saying yes to putting away the Christmas stuff.

    Yes to getting on track with my blog again.

    Yes to wrapping up a long work project (I hope!)

    Yes to finding 5 things I want to put on ebay and writing the listings (in German, gah!)

  2. I LOVE your post! I even did my own YES list!!

  3. Thanks Tiffany! I am so not agreeing with you though... "getting on track with my blog" statement. I adore your blog. :) You are one of my favs!

    SuperMom- I was beyond excited when I saw you did your own post. Thanks for linking back to me. Most importantly thanks for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate it!


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