Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If you find my voice... Please tell it to come back.

I am sitting here Kleenex box in hand, nose spray beside me and this thing they call a Neti pot that I am WAY to scared to use. I have no voice, well I guess if I try hard enough a manly deep something comes out. In fact, Mason said to me "Mom when will you and your voice be back to normal?"

I am beginning to think the no voice was His plan the entire time. You remember this post and this picture?

Photo: Nikki James Photography

I am pretty sure the Lord heard me and took my voice away. Um. Not exactly what I was going for but it  is teaching me to be slow to speak. Which is what I am desiring, learning others ways to discipline my little loves beside raising my voice. So, I am thankful He hears me, loves me and continues to shower me with His grace in the midst of sneezes and sniffles. 

It's funny to me how things can change in our castle when my mouth is shut and I can't express myself vocally in any situation. Believe it or not, with my voice being absent, our castle has been calmer. Weird, right? I have heard before that if you speak softly to your kids they have no choice but to calm down and listen. This is so not my personality. I am loud. I hate quiet. 

My boys are actually loving the no yelling. I do think they respond better to soft spoken {or squeaked } words instead of my yelling and nagging. Truth be told everyone hates a nagger. So, I don't blame them for enjoying more peace in our castle. 

Truth be told, I am enjoying myself more {minus my sinus headache}. I am actually using patience and understanding with them. As they have been more than gracious in destroying the house  playing all day! Blessings are wrapped in many different forms aren't they?  

Here's my challenge to you. If only for a day... Don't raise your voice and see how your kids respond. Let me know if you are taking the challenge. Can't wait to hear what all you learn about yourself and your sweet babies.

Much Love, 


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well, but glad you're taking it as an opportunity to learn! I think I have the opposite problem--sometimes I don't talk when I really should. I'm one of those people who waits until they're 110% sure they should say something, and then the opportunity's over. Maybe talking more should be my resolution next year :)

  2. Thanks for caring, Kelsey! I actually am starting to feel better. Thank goodness. So, you need to be louder and I need to be quiet! Love it! I thought about your "Thats your New Years Resolution" post today while cleaning. I am such a clean freak {even when I am sick}. I was thinking I need to be like Mrs. D and let my house be dirty even if it's just for a day! LOVED that post!

  3. Okay, can I just say it is SO hard to not raise your voice sometimes! Geesh!! Apparently I really struggle in this area...ugh!

    So...how do you do it? I don't like repeating the same thing over a hundred times either...what's your game plan??

    Hope you're feeling better!

    Thank you for your honesty and blogging your life!

  4. Oh Jessica I am with you on it being SO hard. I am a yeller... I was a cheerleader for goodness sakes. Thats what I do is yell BUT I am really trying to stop.

    I am with you on the not repeating things 600x's . I feel like with having all boys it's even harder for me to only say things one or two times. I have been trying to not yell. Instead change my tone of voice and they know it's time to stop whatever they are doing. Does it work all the time? No. Do I still yell? Ugh, yes ... I am at least trying to do a better job with it! :)

    Thank you so much for reading and for leaving comments it's makes my heart happy!


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