Thursday, December 2, 2010

To My Sweet One Year Old.

Good Morning my sweet baby. Can you believe it? You are ONE today! A year ago, I can remember those last moments before you entered this crazy world. I looked at your daddy and said, "He is coming now." You and I buddy we did a good job. You were here in a split second. My sweet baby. 

Can you believe you are one year old? I can't. It has gone so fast. Too fast. I have been amazed to see the way you have learned how to maneuver in this crazy world. You are doing just what God designed your sweet little body and mind to do. You have learned so many things. How to roll over, sit up, army crawl {with crazy speed}, laugh, hold your sippy, take your brothers toys, hold a football, walk and to melt my heart.

 You have made your spot in this family... your family. You have made this year a year full of hugs, kisses, lullabies, giggles and love. You have filled my heart with a love that is only for you. You have made me a softer mommy by the your sweetness and gentleness.  

 This year it was moving, crawling and walking that Jesus taught you how to do but soon it will be patience, character, loving mercy and walking humbly before our awesome God. My sweet baby you have so much ahead of you. So much to look forward to. So much to learn. This, for you my sweet boy, is only the beginning.
Happy 1st Birthday!

All My Love,


  1. Maria, you never cease to move me in one way or another...through laughter, or through tears...and this was no exception. Happy 1st birthday to that precious little man!! He is a blessing, and is blessed to have YOU as his Mommy!!

    Becky C.

  2. Such a sweet tribute to such a sweet baby boy! Oh hurt me... those pictures... {wipes tears from eyes}...

    Happy Birthday Sweet Cole!

  3. LOVE those pictures!

    And I want to know how to make my eyes look like your eyes! :)

  4. Such wonderful pictures! Happy 1st Birthday!! New follower from Bloggy Moms, do you have a follow button!


  5. Thank you for your sweet comments. We weren't even going to take pictures with Cole and I but I am SO glad we did!

    Megan, I added my Follow button but in the past had issues with it updating! Here's to hoping it works!! So excited you are reading my blog by the way! I am off to go check yours out!


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