Sunday, November 7, 2010

Straight Up...

Isn't that an old Paula Abdul song? "Straight up now tell me do you really wanna love me forever... oh oh oh oh" {that was my favorite part by the way}. Can you tell it's been a long weekend? And I figured since I get an extra hour of sleep I could use it to chat it up about the weekend so far. 

As I am sure you know I have been obsessing planning our family photo shoot pretty much all week. Why? Because I am crazy like that. I actually enjoyed it. Do you remember the vacation photo shoot {if not your missing out on a treat}? Well, this one was like 1,000 x's better. Plus after having the boys Birthday Party photo shoot, I was beyond excited to actually have some pictures of our family together. I didn't want the traditional ones {although there is nothing wrong with that}. I just wanted to be a little crazy. Keep in mind crazy for this family is getting Coach W to wear a fedora {which he totally did}. 

My in laws so graciously let me rummage through all of their things this week. I was trying to find what I like to call "old treasures". Lets just say I hit the mother load and found so many vintage props for the shoot. It was fabulous and we didn't even use them all which means... we will just have to have another shoot. I didn't have that planned, I swear. {fingers crossed behind my back}

We decided we would first do a Christmas picture for the Christmas card. Keep in mind that I have NEVER once sent out a Christmas card. But what if I do? I need to have a cute picture, right? I also said I would never write a family update letter and, well, check your mail soon. Kidding. But I tend to eat my words a lot so don't be shocked if you see my mug show up in your mailbox! Seriously, you guys are going to die when you see how flipping adorable they turned out. It was FREEZING and we did have a little incident with a donkey but in the end, priceless.

Our AMAZING photographer then did a few of just me. Why? I needed one for my blog, right? And I thought it would just be fun. Once again, I was so right. I had a blast. It was like fake Senior pictures all over again. I can't believe people actually get paid for posing in photo shoots. Sign me up for that gig. 

We then got the boys all ready for Round 2 outside. Holy freezing! They didn't care because I completely bribed them with a pizza party if they behaved, smiled and acted like they were having fun. Which worked liked a charm. Whatever works, right? 

One of my many treasures was an old guitar. The boys fell in love with it. So we did a shot of them playing a guitar, accordion and tambourine. It's like a mini version of the Jonas brothers. I was in tears I was laughing so hard. Cole loved the tambourine and the older boys were like rock stars. Can you be a rock star if you play the accordion? Look out people, I had no idea the musicality of the Woodall brothers. The pictures are seriously hilarious! 

Next {yep, we took a lot of pictures} it was just Chris and I. The last time we did anything remotely close to this was at our wedding. This was such a blast. He was such a great sport about everything. He would never admit it but I actually think he was totally loving it. I asked him to take off his shirt and just flex for some of the shots but he wouldn't do it. {maybe next time}

Seriously, what a fun time we had as a family. Not gonna lie it was pure He** the hour before we left trying to get everyone ready. It also didn't help that I took a nap and woke up only an hour and 15 minutes before we had to leave.  Once we pulled into the driveway and I reminded them about some yummy pizza it was perfect. I couldn't be happier and I haven't even seen a picture yet. 

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend and can't wait to share all of these fabulous photo's with you!


  1. Just saw your pics and all I can say is AMAZING!!!! I would literally PAY you to "stage" my next photo shoot for my family with all kinds of fun, creative ideas...the last two shoots you guys have done are magical! LOVE THEM!!!! Oh and I could just squeeze little Cole in that guitar...

  2. Beth you are so sweet! Thank you! We had so much fun. How funny is that one of Cole?! He literally didn't move the entire time we had him in it and I would LOVE to stage your next photo shoot!!

  3. I LOVE the JOY letters. Please tell me where I can find big letters like that!!


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