Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's a family affair

For some reason I had a slight obsession with getting family pictures on the beach.  Everyone does it right?  Then can someone please tell me why in the world it is such a HUGE FRIGGIN ORDEAL with my adorable family?  Is it because they all have penis'?  Seriously?  If I have a house full of girls I would think they would  LOVE getting all dressed up but with these little men you would think I am torturing them.

Well, guess who wins this battle?  Of course, I do. I get the boys all dressed.  Try and make it a big deal and tell them how exciting it is and how much fun it will be.  They look at me like I have three heads.  Awesome.  

We got down to the elevator and wouldn't you know, as we step out to walk on the beach it starts POURING.  Lord, did I do something wrong? Are you just trying to punish me?  

It's funny isn't  it?  We decide to go to dinner and then try it again.  Off to Planet Hollywood we go.  First mistake... all the boys are in WHITE shirts.  Do you think they will spill anything?  Of course not, they are perfect and clean.   Guess who spills first?  Yep.  My blue eyed chatter box.  Oh and did I mention as we are getting ready to eat he drops a glass plate and it shatters EVERYWHERE.  Yes, everyone looks at us.  Because they are so captivated by our beauty right? Right.  

Dinner is over.  Let the photo shoot begin.  Don't worry we have spilled honey mustard and ketchup all over the white shirts but I don't care.  We are going to the beach and everyone will smile and like it. 

Love them.

This makes my heart happy.

Love these little men.


Yep, these men are mine.

Love these two brothers.

Love this of my mom and the boys!

Ahhh... all the craziness was worth it. We FINALLY have our family pictures!


  1. I love this! I do it every year to my family...they all hate it too. Even the girl! I go through a whole thing when we pack of who is going to wear what, get a matching hair bow for Carys and all. And it never fails the day we decide to take pictures it either rains or is super windy. One year we did them at Brookgreen gardens which was perfect. If you have never been there, I highly suggest it. This year we went to Murrell's inlet. Of course no one wanted to, except me. We only took like 5 pictures. Oh well, at least mom was happy...somewhat!

  2. Love these of your sweet family! Looks like you had a great vacation! jenny

  3. Amy- I am glad it's not just me. We have to all get together next time. The boys would love it! Just not on the dreaded day of family pictures!

    Jenny- Thank you! We did have a GREAT time! Thanks for reading my blog :)


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