Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Family Vacation-Woodall Style

Did you miss me?  Well, I have missed all 11 of you.  Vacation has been an absolute blast.  I have some hilarious stories to tell.  You know how vacations are in the first place, then add in three little men and my mother and it is sure to be a circus memories in the making.  I will say this has by far been the BEST vacation we have had as a family and my mom has been a God send!

Rewind 8 days ago...

The car is packed to capacity, kids are asleep, house is cleaned and the excitement is off the charts.  We are leaving at 4:00 in the morning and did I mention before my wonderful momma is coming with us.  For some of you, you may cringe at this but for me, I am pumped.  I think Mr. Vacation is the most excited about her coming!  In fact, he is the one who said he wanted her to come!!

You would think the boys would fall asleep in the 11 hour car ride, right?  Hmm... WRONG.  Wide eyed and ready to go to the beach.  We didn't even get five minutes away and what does my sweet blue eyed love start to ask?  Mom, are we at the beach yet?  I knew right then this, my friends, was going to be a long friggin trip and I may jump out the window before I even see the white sandy beach.

Much to my surprise the ride was actually fantastic.  Minus the fact that the blue eyed one that asked about us being that beach didn't stop talking the ENTIRE trip.  When nobody would listen he would say, "Ok, I'll start over" and proceed to talk for another 3 hours.  I really have to give major props to the Swagger Wagon.  I was able to walk around to get the little loves whatever they needed.  Mom and I did a little photo shoot in the back.  It was hilarious.  She reads EVERY beauty book there is.  Of course, she read all kinds of tips on how to look good in a picture, what clothes make you look fat, you know all the important stuff.   So, we had to practice right?  We tested all the theories and really what else are we going to do for 11 hours?  I have some GREAT tips all of  you.  Not that you need it or anything but every once in a while we could use a few helpful reminders.  No, I am not giving the secrets away yet.  I have to keep all 5 thousand 11 of you coming back to check out the blog, but let me just say after 25 fabulous pictures I have it down pat.

This was picture 12... Oh friends it only gets better.

Did I tell you being the genius I am I (ok, it was Mr. Vacation's idea) did bring the potty in the car just in case we had an emergency and weren't able to stop.  Brilliant right?  Sure enough guess who had to use the potty first?  My mother.  An hour into the trip and she sends me a text.  Really? Did I mention she is two feet away from me?

Deep Breath in.  Slow Breath Out.   

After 10.5 hours of craziness, laughter, pee issues, photo shoots, lots of candy and bribery we made it.  Hallelujah we made it!

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