Friday, November 5, 2010

and So A New Season Begins.....

As I am writing this my husband is dreaming of basketball. Why? Because when he wakes up in 6 hours it is the start of High School basketball season. Which means for me today marks the day I become a basketball widow. Kidding. However, all of our boys have been born right before or during the season... and I have survived. Which means this season should be a piece of cake, right? In the upcoming days and months our castle becomes more of a make shift gym with lots of chatter, lots of high school players, lots of gatorade and lots of memories that come walking through the doors. I actually LOVE being a coaches wife. Some of it is because I see just how much Coach W lives for it. Seeing him interact with the kids, how he teaches them not only about the game he loves but about being young men with character, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he was meant to be doing this. Doing what he loves. Coaching. I have said it to many of my girlfriends many times that even if I wasn't married to Coach W I would want him to be coaching my sons and I truly mean that. Will there be times this season that I flip out because I haven't had a break from the kids and think I could go crazy? Yes. Will there be times that I want to cuss if I hear about another drill or play or how we should of won or what we could have done differently? Yes. Will I be the crazy women yelling at the games? Yes. Truth be told. My stomach hurts before big games, when games are close I tend to put my head on my knees to cover up my eyes because I am to afraid to watch, I can't wait for him to walk in the door of our castle so I can hear all the details and our late night talks over Wendy's chili and fries are my favorite. I am just as bad, I get just as involved, I get just as invested. That's what coaches wives do, right? So friends, here we go... tie up those shoe laces, strap on a cup {do they wear those in basketball? Hm. I will have to ask.}ankle braces on, basketball in hand. Let this new crazy season begin! 

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  1. This post makes me sad - this will be the first season in over 10 years that hubby hasn't coached. I smile as I think about being a coaches widow - I know the feeling of holding your breath until the buzzer goes off, or cringing as a shot goes in and we lose. Hubby will be on the phone with Coach W during the season, living through him I'm sure. We'll have to come to some games since I don't have any to go to now...that's SAD! By the way, the don't wear cups in basketball


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