Friday, November 12, 2010

Love is a Verb.

For many of us, myself included, the right form of love was never really learned the right way. I tend to have a very warped sense of love. I am going to say it has something to do with all these darn reality shows I can't pull myself away from. {Ahem} Do you ever find yourself focusing on external qualities of love and not the most important internal ones? It's like we treat love like a noun instead of the verb it should be. We think of love as... A moment. A thing. A feeling. Butterflies. Fireworks. What if you treated it as an action? A choice? In a world when divorce is rampant, I wonder if it would change just by putting some action behind those four letters {not the action you are thinking of}! Choosing to love someone is never easy. If someone said it was they lied. What if we realized it's not necessarily about choosing the right person but it's about becoming the right person. It's not too often we look at ourselves to see what we need to do or be. So, my question to you and myself is... How do you view love? Are you treating it like a noun? Or are you doing what most aren't and treating it like it should be treated. A Verb. 

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