Thursday, November 11, 2010


I feel like only yesterday I was scared out of my mind laying in a hospital room. 
I remember EVERYONE came to the hospital to 
WAIT and WAIT and WAIT some more. 
I remember Dr. D laughing because I went into the hospital with you and all of the family was there and ready to see you. Little did we know just how long being induced actually takes {don't worry buddy I'll let your lucky wife explain the induction thing to you later on}.
I didn't hear your first little cry for 35 long hours after arriving at the hospital.
I had no idea that my heart was capable of loving something so tiny, helpless and beautiful as you.
I truly feel like Jesus put me here on this earth to love YOU and be your mommy and I am so thankful. 
  I can remember imagining as I sat in my hospital bed and held you and gazed into your sweet little eyes...wondering what this life would hold for you. I had no idea you would be a little image of your dad. I never could have imagined that you would possess a drive and an optimism that amazes me. I had no idea that you would be wise beyond your years and too witty for your own good.  I had no idea that you would be obsessed with sports or that you would have a God given ability to play them so well. I had no idea that you would have such a tender heart and I never could have imagined that you would be an AMAZING big brother.

I am so infinitely grateful that you were born to me and into our family. There are no words to describe the ways in which you have taught me more about myself, love, Jesus, selflessness, optimism and contentment. I want you to stay small. I want you to still want me to snuggle with you. I want you to make sure that I cut your peanut butter and jelly in 6 pieces. I want you to still need me to help tie your shoe in a double knot. I know with each year you will need me less but for now in this moment I am thankful that I will be the one to tuck you into your bed tonight and pray with you, my birthday boy!

At a time when the whole world seems to revolve around your two little brothers a lot...
I just wanted to say this day is all yours my love. Happy Birthday to you. I love you.'ll always be my baby.

{a.k.a. Mom}

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  1. Happy Birthday Brady! What a handsome boy.....hope he enjoyed his day.


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