Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Awkwardness.

So, how was your Thanksgiving weekend? Did you go Black Friday shopping? I used to be one of *them* but this year I just couldn't do it. Sleep seemed to be a much needed friend. Instead my mom and I went Smart Saturday shopping. Less crowds, good deals, less crowds... 

Whenever I go to the mall I see amazing people! Seriously, have you ever really looked around? Granted it's not like Wally World {you may know it as Walmart} but my mall is interesting to say the least. Today, I was actually their twice. Once by myself and the second time was with my favorite shopping partner... my mom. However, today took a sad turn of events, today, sadly, I am the weird mall lady. I was at Macy's looking around for a black coat when I found *the one*. Seriously it is black, sheek, and just yummy. However, it fit almost perfect to perfect. I needed to ask someone if they had a different size in the fabulous black coat. Real quick... Can someone please explain to me why there are only XS and S on the racks? Seriously? {Ahem} The lady {who was working so hard had sweat dripping down her face} says to me, "Maam, did you find everything you were looking for?" I said "I was just wondering if you had this coat in a Medium?" but as I did I completely gleeked (a.k.a. spit). So, I gleeked and it landed on the counter right between us, just a little spot, but still. I was so embarrassed, of course I had no clue what to do. Thankfully my mom was looking around. She would have totally called me out. So, do I wipe it away, do I acknowledge it at all? Should I apologize? I did what everyone does {I think} and just pretended it didn't happen. So, she then proceeds to tell me they have no other size. {Um. I still get the coat. Yep, it's a little snug but I LOVED it} Then we're both standing there in complete and total awkward silence waiting for my card to process. Both of us staring at my spit puddle on the counter. Then after I sign my John Hancock I walked away and left it there. Whats a girl to do right? You know the second I left she walked over to her three other co-workers and told them how I spit all over the counter. Who does that? 
Then, as we are leaving swag in hand we realize the mall is closed. Which means the store we parked at is closed. Seriously, lets just say the mall is um not 100% safe at night. We go to walk out and realize we have to walk so far plus we parked on the bottom level which meant we had to climb down a hill {seriously} its black out, plus my mom and I have hands filled with Christmas swag. My fabulous sometimes crazy mom almost has "the big one." She is convinced we are going to get robbed. So, she literally, in the middle of us walking to the car, makes a bee line for the mall front door. Seriously, I am that girl who just spit on someone running around an empty parking lot chasing my crazy mother. It was our lucky night. Guess who just happened to be at the door of the mall waiting to lock it? Yep, our 2 new security friends {they so hated us}. They had to walk my mom and I outside in the freezing cold down the hill to her car. Did I mention it was freezing? How does this stuff happen to me? When we got in the car we both couldn't stop laughing. It was a fabulous eventful night with one of my favorite people on this earth. It's always a great adventure with my mom. However, after tonight I am pretty sure we are going to have to wear disguises or go to a different mall next time.

Happy Cyber Monday!!!


  1. Love it! I've so done that before and once I spit its like I'm being pulled to announce it. I instantly say, wow I just spit, oops. Not sure how, but it just comes out. Your mom sounds darling. My mom has passed but she would have done something like that! Enjoy many more shopping adventures with her!


  2. Megan I am SO glad you are reading my blog! I love your response and I am so glad I am not the only one who does random things like that!


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