Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fun, Food and Family Traditions

Many of you know, I LOVE family traditions. I don't know if it is the actually tradition or just the "idea" of having family traditions. I see myself 20 years from now at Thanksgiving with all of my boys {maybe 5 or 6 by then} and their wives sitting at our huge table talking about what we are thankful for. Laughing about all of the random "family traditions" their crazy mom {made} them all do while growing up! How GREAT does that sound? Almost too good to be true, right?  

So, last year we started a Thanksgiving family tradition and it continued this year. We get up early and go out to breakfast. Nothing fancy but here at our castle we get excited. The boys remembered us doing it last year and were SO excited to wake up and go OUT to eat. I think one reason they get so excited is because... #1) it's breakfast {which I LOVE} and #2) lets not forget we have three little men 6 and under. Eating out really isn't something we do all the time.

BUT... It's Thanksgiving and a family tradition. So, we will do it. We will like it and we smile like we always do. 

It was actually such a fun and enjoyable time. Shocking, right? We had the same sweet waitress as last year. She gave us free drinks {you know the orange juice in a kiddie cup} not the crazy kind you kids were thinking of. Were we a tad bit loud, a little messy, did Cole feel the need to throw every piece of silverwear he got his chubby hands on onto the nasty floor? Yes. Did we laugh a lot, play new games, sing in the car, talk about football and Christmas? Yes. That's what a family tradition is all about. Enjoying the family you have been so graciously given.  

After we left we then took the kids to Wally World a.k.a Walmart and let them go through all the toy aisles and let us know some things they would like for Christmas. It's always a fun time for them. There is usually no one around so we let the kids run up and down the aisles. It kinda reminds me of Supermarket Sweep. Please tell me you used to watch it like 10 years ago? I LOVED that game show. I would so have been amazing on that. I sometimes act like I am on the show when I am grocery shopping now. If you have seen this oldy but goody you know you have thought the same thing when your racing around the grocery store ;). Maybe not?  


Praying that your day was a time of fun, food and family traditions. In an effort to create more traditions around this castle what are some fun family traditions you have? 


  1. Super Market Sweep....Super Market Sweep!!!! I didn't know anyone else watched that show! It was AMAZING.

  2. Super Market sweep...totally go for the big cuts of meat, girl.


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