Friday, October 29, 2010

Raining Or Not Here I Come.

What's a girl to do when she in a funk? {Click her to read previous post} Maybe go on a little shopping spree? Kidding. Well, I have been saving {kinda} for a time such as this. I have been in desperate need of some cute rain boots. Winter is coming and my Uggs are looking less than desirable to say the least. Once again, I am having a fashion hang up so to speak. I have two different styles I like but can't decide which ones to pull the trigger on. I am a HUGE boot girl. I love boots. Which is one of the many reasons I don't mind it getting chilly out. 

Here is where you come in... I need you to help with which ones I should get. Here's the deal I have 2 coupons to use. Which means I must order them soon. Plus, I have another EPIC Family Photo Shoot similar to this one of the boys. So, I would like to have my new boots in enough time to show them off in the EPIC family photo.
Here are your Options...

#1 Kate Spade Randi Rain Boot

How flippin adorable, right? The color is called Creamy Shiny. The name is even fabulous. They are comfortable, dressy and weatherproof ! This is every fashionista's dream. 

#2 Hunter Original Rain Boot

 They're elegant, slim and tall, so they make your legs look miles long {which I need every extra mile possible}. Plus the Queen of England wears them. La di da! You can buy multiple different socks in different styles and textures to make multiple different looks. Fabulous.

You see my dilemma? Please don't say both are cute. I need decisions people. I am the most indecisive fashionista when it comes to any purchases for myself. This is why I NEED you. Which one should I get??


  1. Yes I LOVE BOTH of them....but I definitely have a vote. Although the bottom ones look like they would get more use because they would probably go with everything more... the top ones are my FAVE. They make a statement!!!! They just scream look at me I am like the cutest pair of rain boots ever! LOVE them! The other ones are great but maybe more predictable. Oh And Maria YOU could SO work those Kate Spade boots unlike can't wait to see you in them.

  2. Both super cute! Lane and I actually both have a pair of Hunter boots....mine are the graphite gloss and Lane's are of course, I would recommend the Hunter ones as we love ours. But, the Kate Spade ones are adorable and very fun! I guess I'm not really helping your decision! :) Don't think you can go wrong either way! Have fun shopping!

  3. I like the Kate Spade as well.


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