Monday, November 1, 2010

How Great Is Our God

How was your weekend? I am sure lots of candy, pictures and fun was had by all. I have some great pictures of my sweet boys that I can't wait to post!

I wanted to share a story with you that has been so inspirational to me. I thought this might be a good Monday afternoon wake up call to us all {me included}. For months, I have been following the story of a family who's brother is in our church. The unbelievable story is about a pastor. He has three adorable little boys and amazing wife. Every time I read the precious words from his wife, Michelle, it brings me to tears. Her faith in Jesus and her unwavering love for her husband is an inspiring example of hope, grace and strength like I have never seen. 

Here is Steve's unbelievable story {taken from his blog}.
On Thurs, June 17, Steve was in a severe motorcycle accident while on a multi-state motorcycle trip.  The accident was in North Carolina. Medics on the scene made the decision to life-flight Steve to the nearest trauma hospital, in Asheville, North Carolina.
Steve fractured his c6 and c7 neck vertebrae. Steve currently has some feeling but no movement from his upper chest to his feet. He has partial use of arms/biceps; no fine motor movement in his fingers.
The doctor says that Steve has a 10% chance he’ll ever be able to regain any meaningful movement in his legs, however a definitive prognosis is still not established. It is clear that prognosis will play out over the months and years.

Here is a 8 minute video that I promise will let you see that in spite of what you are facing "He" is bigger than all of it. This is a document of  approximately the last 4-months of the Ruetschle family experience, from the accident to… well, you’ve just got to watch it.

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  1. The phrase "God is awesome" doesn't begin to cover it! Love the Rocky music. So appropriate!


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