Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do you "Boo"?

The door bell rings and the boys come running down the steps. Open the front door and a cute pumpkin full of candy is waiting for us. Yep, we got "Boo'd!" {thanks, Madi} My boys are so excited to start booing friends. Although, I am not a huge fan of Halloween and really can't stand the witches and goblin's part of it, I thought this could be a practical way to teach the kids about doing things for others just because. We live in a society where everything is about what makes YOU happy or what makes YOU feel good or YOU more money. So, it's kinda nice {and tons of fun} to do something for someone else. Even if it is just a pumpkin full of candy. I find myself too often doing things for a reaction from someone and not doing them just because it will make them happy. Hmm. Maybe this lesson was more for me than them?

One of our new family traditions is "Booing." I love creating something special for the "BOO" treats while my sweet boys look forward to the 'ding and dash'. {Don't tell them but it's my favorite part too} Here is what we are doing this year.

We cut our cat faces out of black felt. Used glitter stickers to put on the whiskers and nose.  Hot glue the center of the mask to the front of a plastic pumpkin and there you have it.  Make sure you line up the eyes before you use the glue gun or else it will look a little silly. 
{You can also put a string around the mask that way the kids who are getting boo'd can enjoy candy and a fun little mask to wear}

There are MANY different poems out there this is the one we use.  
Am I a jack or a cat that has come to say "BOO"?
All dressed up with treats for someone special, you.
Please fill me up with treats galore,
and take me to your friend's front door.

Sit me down then push the bell.
Run real quick so no one can tell.

As I move from friend to friend,
Happy Halloween wishes never end.

Let the "Booing" begin! On your mark.  Get set. Go.  
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  1. I'm so doing this this weekend! BTW...I'm now doing a crossfit/fitness blog. Follow me!!!

  2. Maria! I love this idea!! What a great way to reach out to someone! Going to have to try this one soon....

    Love you and your blog,


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