Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am....

Short nails. Junior Mints. A mother to my sweet babies. A lover of running by the ocean. A bath taker. Never in flats. A pessimist. Dancer. Sunglasses all the time. A Fall girl. A homebody. Loyal. New decorations. Addicted to houses. Supportive. PINK. A disliker of waiting rooms. Laughing often. Hardly ever painted toenails. A sister. A smart mouth. Gap. Cherry Cordial with milk. Creative. Impatient. Candlelight. Coffee drinker October through February. Fast shopper. A dreamer. Two butts. Winks. Holding hands. Black pants. Diet Coke. A believer. A milk maker. A spender. A reader of blogs. No gold. Long hair. Television over music. My mother's best friend. Lounge pants. A graduate. A napper. Broccoli. A singer of lullabies. A minivan driver. Saved. Diaper bags. A Bjorn wearer. No lipstick. A gift giver. Beach chairs. Thankful. Mail getter. A grandchild. A birth giver. A tan towel. Blessed. A night owl. A lover of surprises. Turkey burgers. A decorator. A1 sauce. Summer thunderstorms. A doer. Ponytails. A strawberry eater. Magazines. Spa visits. Sun hats. Football afternoons. A multitasker. A holiday shopper. Bean burrito minus onions. Scared of sadness. Perfectionist. A bath giver. A bargain hunter. A earing wearer. A sister in law. Slow to trust. A goal setter. A queen size bed. A terrible traveler. Always cold in restaurants. Jeggings. Too cheap for the theatre. General Tso's Chicken. A boutique lover. Creative. A party planner. Chic Fil A. A runner. A stroller pusher. A thinker. A list maker. Modern. Christmas lights. A leg crosser. A mascara needer. Zumba lover. Annoyed by telemarketers. A kisser of boo boo's. A terrible card sender. An ironer. A maker of things. Butterflies in my stomach. A condiment lover. Fireplace sitter. A texter. A paci finder. Not a thrill seeker. Confident. Hydrangeas and tulips. Aveda. Married. Teeth Whitener. Loved. Usually late. A picky eater. A lover of my place in life. Bad at directions. A non smoker. A dancer at home. A sunset watcher. Icing over cake. Buckeye fan. A hair straightener. Stubborn. Not emotional. A romantic comedy. An aunt. More productive under a deadline. A Basketball game. A neighbor. A passenger. A make-up wearer. A lover of candy. Hooded sweatshirt. Pumpkin candle. Reality TV. Carmel Frappuccino Light. A snuggler. 

* If you have time to do this, I would love to read who "you are" *


  1. Maria i love reading your blogs! I love making lists like these, this new pic on yourbackground is soooo cute!

  2. Who says you're mom's best friend? ;)

  3. Thanks Sarah! I am so glad you are reading it {and leaving a comment}! I like these lists they make you have to really think about who you are as a person. :)

    Melissa- Well... I was just making sure you were reading all of the blog posts. Love ya :)


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