Monday, September 13, 2010

What is the Best Way to Wear Eyeliner for My Eye Shape?

Do you use liquid eyeliner or just the normal everyday eye pencil?  I was a pencil girl until I decided to get crazy and try the liquid. I LOVE it and don't see myself going back anytime soon. 
Tip: For a classic look, only use liquid eyeliner on the top lash line. For less mess and longer wear time underneath the eye, use a matte powder or pencil along the lower lash line and/or inner rim.
Round eyes: On the upper and lower lash lines, draw a thicker line at the outer corner of the eye, tapering toward the inner corner.
Deep-Set eyes:Use eyeliner on upper lids. Apply eyeliner very close to your lashlines. Avoid black colors which can make your eyes look smaller.
Almond-shaped eyes: Wear thick or thin eyeliner the whole way across the eyelid, both top and bottom.
Small eyes: Line upper and lower eyelids with soft-coloured eyeliner starting above your iris and extend to the outer corner of your eye or slightly upward. Avoid thick black lines, which can actually close up the eye. Smudge the line or use the matching eyeshadow to soften. 
Big eyes: Draw a thick, dark-colored line along the upper lashes to help push back the pronounced eyelids. Line the outer corner of the lower lid if desired.
Drooping eyes: Use liner on the lower lash line, but keep the line light and stop before the outer corner.
MAC Fluidline

Remember: Practice makes perfect. Now, go and look fabulous make liquid eyeliner your new signature statement!

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