Thursday, September 30, 2010


I do not do everything right
I try but often fail at putting God first
My boys don't always listen
I lose my temper
I don't always eat right
I don't always make my boys do their chores
My boys yell and fight
I forget about
 school pictures
I've put a movie on for my boys so I can have a few moments of peace
I don't take a shower everyday
My boys leave the house looking dirty and messy

My laundry pile is overflowing
I go to bed with a dirty kitchen sometimes
We show up at soccer late
There are crumbs all over my floor
I don't show people how much they mean to me
I make excuses to not workout
I don't call my friends enough
We try to live without but sometimes I want more
I am real just like you.{grin}

I just thought you should know. 


  1. Good post Maria, just one question... How do you know all that about me? {grin}

  2. I would really like to see that laundry pile next time I come over!!

  3. Thanks Emily! The picture of you and Gracie is just adorable!

    Jenny- You should come to my house right now. Seriously, four loads are on the laundry room floor. You would be so proud!

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