Friday, October 1, 2010

Swiffer Heist of 2010- Giving is WAY Better than Receiving

Have you ever heard this before, "It's the thrill of the hunt" or "I get a rush when I see how much I have saved"?  When I hear that I immediately know I am talking to one of those crazy women you see at the grocery with her huge 1980 trapper keeper walking around the store with this look of determination in her eye. You know the look, it's the "I will give you a swift kick to the uterus if you get in my way" kinda look. 

Mark my words. I will NEVER do that. 


Rewind One Week. 

Jenny from Mommin It Up was over. (Side Note. I am sure you already do because she is pretty much famous but if by chance you are the one hermit who has never read her blog you MUST go check it out) We were talking some bloggy business when I randomly told her about how myself and two others were trying to get our kids elementary teachers some much needed swiffer. Her son also goes to the same awesome school.  

I must confess I totally knew the Queen of Couponery would so take on this challenge with me if I randomly {cough cough} mentioned it.  

Sure enough Jenny says, "Let me see what I can do." Which meant the Swiffer Heist of 2010 was about to begin. 
We called on some local businesses and Walgreens was awesome and said they would give us 15% off. Then I got an email. Not gonna lie, I had to read it twice. In the email there was all this coupon lingo and exclamation marks. I was beginning to maybe just a little start to understand what all this "hype" was about.

After a week of emailing, calling, collecting coupons from every man, women and child here is the unbelievable deal we got!

 18 Wet Jets and 18 refills –  We did each transaction individually because you got a $2 register reward with each one!!
So each transaction looked like this:
1 Swiffer Wet Jet starter kit (REG. $25.99) on sale for $17.99 – %15 = $15.29
1 refill $4.84 – 15% off = $4.11
Total = $19.40
-$5 Swiffer Starter Kit
-$4.11 free refill starter kit
=$10.40 + $1.20 tax $11.60 for a Wet Jet & refill PLUS $2 register reward back so net was $9.60!  And we did this EIGHTEEN times.


Jenny was awesome. I was nervous, sweating and my heart was beating out of my chest. She was calm and cool like she has done this 1000 times before.

Present Day.

Look out all you trapper keeper crazies. I am hooked. The excitement and adrenaline rush I felt after all 18 transactions were done was unbelievable. I know. Who am I, right? I am beginning to think this was Jenny's mission the entire time!

Today, I was able to drop off all of the Swiffer Wet Jets to each of the amazing teachers that serve and teach our kids. It was truly one of the best experiences EVER. You would of thought we gave them  a million dollars. So, let the journey of couponing begin. I am hopeful that we will be able to bless these amazing teachers with MANY MANY more treasures.

One last thing, Jenny, I know you will be reading this. Do you have a trapper keeper I could borrow? My way of couponing needs to change!


  1. You go girl!!! I am so proud of you! I too thought I would never be one of those "crazies" with the binder thingies but guess who's got one now?? My husband thinks I am NUTS with it. So glad you joined the world of couponing:) And for such a worthy cause!

  2. Thanks Beth! I really am super exited to start this new way of living! :) I am going to buy a wireless printer today! Let the fun begin!

  3. maria,
    welcome to the cult of jenny. just don't drink the cool-aide. we don't know what she puts in it. but we do know she probably got it for free!


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