Monday, October 8, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration: Day 8

I can saw with 100% certainty that I big red puffy heart Pinterest. I love pinning, I love looking at what others pins, I love the outfits, I love the way I can see a picture of a DIY project knowing full well I could NEVER do it but somehow Pinterest makes me believe I can. I love the creativity. The inspiration. 

I though I would share some of my favorite pins. Ones that not only deal with health but just everyday living. Some that inspire me and other that convict me. Hope you enjoy.

There you have it, friends. Some of my Pinspiration.
 What inspires you? 

I’m sharing A Journey of Health each day during October as a part of the “31 Days” challenge


  1. Who doesn't love to Pin? Haha! I love reading all of these encouraging words!


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