Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 5: Art of Enjoying Your Life

Happy Saturday, Friends! 
 Honestly, it has been a pretty daunting task trying to blog every night. Clearly, I didn't do a great job of it yesterday. However, sometimes life gets in the way and my boys just need me So, hopefully you will show me some grace.

 I am still learning what living a healthy life looks like, I am on Day 6 of my Herbal Cleanse and goodness, I am feeling like a million bucks. I was invited to attend a We Care Arts Local Celebrity Fashion Show. It was such a great event. They served lunch and I was actually able to stay within the guidelines of the cleanse. I think to often we fear doing things different-- like eating healthy. For fear of standing out even if it for a good reason. What I am finding as I am walking through this myself is that, you can leave the dressing off your salad, double up on the grilled chicken and guess what? No one cares. I'm pretty sure it's just a mind game we play with ourselves. I often wonder if we are afraid to actually step out of our comfort zones and be different.
To not be ordinary but to truly be extraordinary. 

As I left the fashion show and then headed off to spend an evening with my boys, I found myself proud of the choices I made. Thankfully for the way my body is showing visible changes and thankful for the energy that I have to keep up with my life. 
It's a busy time of year but oh friends it's one of my favorite times of year.
Enjoy your weekend with your families. Love on them, steal lots of kisses and be back here tomorrow! xoxo 

I’m sharing A Journey of Health each day during October as a part of the “31 Days” challenge.


  1. I agree that is a mind game. Good for you for sticking to your guns there are always reasons to get off course, this coming from someone who is eating everything in sight right now, but I am around a lot of people on diets so I feel like I understand ; )

    1. I was thinking about you and then read your blog! Seriously was in tears reading about your sweet Ezra Wesley! You are strong woman my friend! Loved the pictures! xoxo


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