Monday, February 13, 2012

Yes. Yes. Yes.

What if I just said yes? What if I just gave up stressing about or resisting what is {and what may be coming}? What if I choose to embrace it. To simply say YES. What if this simple change in perspective changed your entire week? By saying 'yes' it allows you to view and overcome some of the fear, anxiety, and stress. It allows you to embrace each day of THIS week in a whole new light {at least it does for me}.
This week my boys have declared it 'Love Week'. So, on this Love Monday what are you saying YES to? 
This week I am saying YES to...

... yes to heart shaped sandwiches 
... yes to writing to my Valentine
... yes to conversation hearts { I loved them as a kid}
... yes to helping a friend out
... yes to watching the bachelor with girlfriends
... yes to potty training {sigh, yes I am still potty training}
... yes to dancing, burning calories and lots of booty shaking
... yes to basketball games and indoor soccer practice
... yes to being ok with being a taxi driver to my boys
... yes to sneaking away for some alone time
... yes, yes, yes to prayer 
... yes to PAC meetings and teacher conferences
... yes to being a mentor to one of the sweetest High School girls ever. 
... yes to sneaking in a few dance parties.
... yes loving on my boys and being thankful that on this Valentines Day I am their only Valentine!

On this Love Monday what are you saying YES to?


  1. Cute! I'm saying "yes" to a nice long nap as soon as my MIL get into town tomorrow :) and yes to Valentines preschool parties tomorrow morning!

  2. Christa~ You deserve a long nap! Aren't MIL just the best?! Your sweet little Mason is adorable! Hope you have a great and restful week! xo

  3. So cute, all of those! Your joy is inspiring! Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so happy that I clicked on your blog through pinterest! One of my fave, easy to read, easy to get a lot out of blogs :)


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