Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are You In The Zone?

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Over time, we all gather a set of constricting habits around us~ ones that trap us in a zone of comfort. I like to be comfortable. In a room full of people I will sit back, arms folded and simply listen. Often times, I will know the answer. Every time I will have an opinion but I tend to not say anything. If I am with friends then it's an entirely different story but if I am not I retreat into my zone... at least I thought that's how I was. 

As I get older I find myself stepping out of my comfort zone little by little. Last week, I had a meeting at work and it there were men and woman from all over Ohio that attended. We each had to stand up, introduce ourselves and answer this question~ If you could be anywhere at this moment where would you be? 

I love stuff like this. I love to listen to the answers others give. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they answer this question. I saw this cute little blonde sitting in the back of the room arms folded. You could tell she felt a little out of place. She smiled, stood up and began to introduce herself. As she went to answer the question she said, "I have been a stay at home mom for 8 years. I am just now getting back into the work place and if I could be anywhere it would be back at home were I am comfortable." 

Normally, I would have just stayed in my seat and went about the meeting but this time I just couldn't. As soon as the speaker told us we could break for about 15 minutes I  jumped out of my seat and went to this girl. I asked her how old her kids were and found out she had two boys similar ages of my two oldest. I also found out she works part time and kinda has the same 'gig' as I do. We live about 10 minutes apart and work in the same area! As we talked I shared what has worked for me and how I have had to struggle to kinda find my way of balancing work {even if it is part time}. The tricky part about working part time is that you don't feel like you are giving 100% to your work or your home. I shared things I have learned over the past few years that have helped me to balance life with my boys and be content in doing my best wherever I was at that time. As the speaker began to call everyone back in the room she grabbed my arm and said with tears in her eyes, "Thank you. I have been questioning everything I am doing. I feel out of place but know I am in the right place. You are an answered prayer for me." I gave her a hug then got up and sat back down at my table. 

As I sat back in my chair I was totally not listening to what was being said by the speaker {oops} I just kept thinking about how thankful I was that I stepped out of my comfort zone.  Here is what I am realizing~ in all aspects of life you and I can be used if we just put ourselves out there. Each of us have a story and each of us can help so many other woman in our stage of life. Sometimes, it just takes us taking that first step! Do you find it hard to step out of your comfort zone? I challenge you to take that first step. You will be amazed at how you can be used in others around you! xoxox


  1. tears!! what a great story! So amazing to connect with someone like that!

  2. I think thats the best part about stepping out of comfort zone - you get to meet really great people! :)

  3. That is so special... I'm so glad that you did that. I feel really awkward in situations like that. I am horrible about small talk and social situations. I tend to be the one to seek out someone who is having a hard time, too. :)


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