Monday, December 12, 2011


Happy Monday, Friends!
This past weekend was filled with Christmas tradition here at our castle. 
We loaded up the boys and went to look at lights. It's one of our favorite things to do this time of year. My boys loved every second of it. 
Rides. Lights. Reindeer. 
What more could you ask for?

We looked at Christmas lights and just enjoyed each other. Christmas music playing, snow falling and feeling the warmth of being together as a family.

The nicest man asked the boys if they wanted to feed the reindeer. 
It was such a special time for them. The excited and joy of Christmas was in the air.

What if YOU just said yes? What if you gave up stressing about or resisting what is {and what may be coming}? What if you choose to embrace it. To simply say YES. 
This week I am saying yes....
... yes to celebrating a 'birthday party for Jesus' at my boys school
... yes to laughing and enjoying a work Christmas Party counting it all JOY
... yes to prayer
... yes to dancing
... yes to listening to Justin Biebers 'Mistletoe' 
... I am saying yes to energy
... I am saying yes to drinking coffee in front of my Christmas tree and simply slowing down.
 ... I am saying yes to getting up before my boys
... yes to a heart that is fully aware of how very blessed I am... yes to wrapping presents
... yes to confidence
... yes to hot chocolate with my boys
...yes to baking Christmas cookies

So tell me, What are YOU saying yes to this week?

Be still my heart. Is he not the sweetest thing you have ever seen? 
It's going to be a fabulous week!
Happy Monday, Friends!  

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  1. What a fun family time. There are some reindeer at the Christmas tree lot down the street from us. I need to say yes to taking my sons to visit them! :)


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