Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday Planning 101

Strike or Spare, 
We don't Care, 
Just as long as YOU are there!

Yep, it's that time of year here at our castle. As you know, we always make birthdays a big deal. The boys look forward to their birthday parties every year {i kinda do too}. Starting next week we have one birthday a month. Why are all of my kids born around the same time of year? Clearly, there was not a lot of planning going on.

In the past we have always had one huge birthday bash. Last year, we had a candy bar and about 30 kids running a muck. It was chaos but the boys love it. This year I let the boys decide what they wanted to do. My sweet Mason turns FIVE on Wednesday and it hurts my heart that he is growing up so fast. It's not a shocker that he has decided to have 3 parties. One at school were he wants to take his class and Brady's class all goody bags and cookie cake. A bowling party for him and his three best friends and a Chucky Cheese party with my mom and some friends. {Side Note: I get hives at the thought of entering that place}. He knows it's soon and this sweet little love is so ready for his birthday week to start.

I must say this has been the most laid back time with party planning. I love decorating and going overboard for all of their birthday's. This year it is going to be a little more low key until Brady's party {which is in 2 weeks}. My sweet Brady will be SEVEN! Oh. My. Heart. He wants to have one big party with all of his friends. He wants to rent out a football field {no joke} so everyone can play football. He said I can do something fun with the girls just in case they don't want to play. That works for me. With having three little men I would love to spoil some sweet little girls! I am still working on were to have this party. Remind me again why I do these things?

Here is where you all come in... My boys have never been real toy kids. They always are playing sport games, the Wii... Because they like to make me crazy they decided to ask for toys this year. I have three boys so I should be a master at knowing what toys to get a 5 and 7 year old. However, I am not and I need your help. Are there any toys that your boys love and just can't do without? Do share. It's down to the wire and I need you help! 


  1. Girl I so know how you feel about Chucky Cheese, totally can't do it, I just can't~

  2. Happy partying! I can't help you out much on the gifts as my little guy is just one. However, I did just see this hand controlled flying saucer,, and it was pretty cool. My only other thought is walkie talkies. Have fun!

  3. I have no idea how I ended up on your blog, but i have 4 boys so I have a few ideas for boy toys! I have on who just turned 7 2 days ago and he got some awesome laser tag guns from Target - at the suggestion of my 12 year old who also loves them. I think the brand is Lightning Strike or something like that. All of our boys LOVE their Ripsticks and the Riprider which is super fun (even for me:) Hope your party is great!

  4. Well, since my boys are 7 and 5 I thought I'd weigh in :) LEGOS, LEGOS, LEGOS are pretty much an enormous hit at our house! They also really like the Imaginex line of toys. Have fun celebrating your little guys!

  5. Thank you ladies for all of these ideas. I am thankful I asked. These boys are going to be very happy! xoxox

  6. My boys are kind of like yours, they are happy with a little bit. But I would agree with Legos being a hit...for the kids at least, they drive ME crazy picking them up everywhere. My oldest is asking for binoculars and a notebook this year, which I love! Can't wait to hear how the parties turn out!

  7. It's pretty much all about Legos and Nerf guns over here!! They are the only toys that are consistently played with. Oh, and razor scooters & plasma cars outside. :)


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