Monday, September 26, 2011


This weekend was filled with soccer games, birthday parties and a lot of running around. There is something about watching my boys play sports. It makes me smile. I knew I always wanted to be a 'soccer' mom but didn't realize how much I would enjoy it. We are still learning the fine art of juggling three boys to different spots at the same time. When I see the smiles/giggles/the chest bumps with team mates/ the high fives/the 'thank you mom'... I realize although it's a bit of a juggling act, it's one I am thankful to be doing. As a new week begins I choose to say 'YES'. 
This week I am saying yes....
... to HIS will and not my own
... being present wherever I am at 
... to not being overwhelmed with my schedule
... teaching and reading to my boys daily about how much Jesus loves them
... to being 'ok' with a bit of a messy house
... yes to writing my hubby a note and putting it in his car before he leaves for work
... yes yes yes to simply sitting down with my sweet Cole and letting him have 100% of my attention
... yes to a much needed dance party with my boys
... yes to prayer
... to being thankful that I get to be the one to teach my Cole and tell him
 for the umpteenth time not to touch the t.v, or stick out his tongue
... yes to sticking out my last few days of 'no Diet Coke'
... to working out 5 days this week even if I don't feel like it
... yes to encouraging my boys not only with my words but in my actions
... yes to JOY!
... yes to believing/praying/trusting/ that HIS plan is perfect 

 How many times do you and I find a million reasons as to why we can't do something or even for that matter, start something? When was the last time someone asked you to try something new and you made an excuse why you couldn't or wouldn't do it? When was the last time you said YES to your role as a mother/manager/school teacher/daughter/blogger...
We all have been given many different roles in our lives that we play. I challenge you this week to say 'YES' to enjoying/smiling/believing that this week YOU are right were you are supposed to be. xoxoxo

So tell me, What are YOU saying yes to this week? 

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  1. I love your yeses! :) I'm going to say yes to having a thankful heart and yes to persevering. :) Have a great week. :)


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