Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten Ways to Use Twine

Last year around this time I fell in love with Twine. I was getting ready for my first 

Photo Shoot with the boys. I made all kinds of goodies for it. 

and that is when I first fell for this little thing called Twine.

 Then I found this blog and my love for all things twine grew even more. I had 

no idea what all you could do with it until I found these fabulous ideas from 

1. Twine Wrapped Mason Jars

2. DIY Twine Lantern {with lights inside}
Why didn't I know about this years ago when I got married?
 I love the setting and mood these give off.

3. DIY Smores Kit Using Twine

I have seen this little smores kit a few times. I love it. What a great present for a teacher around Christmas time. My favorite part is the red and white twine. It makes the whole package!

4. A Twine Christmas
These would be perfect sitting on your mantel around Christmas time!

5. Monogramed Twine Wrapped Letter

LOVE this. It looks so simple to make. This is one I must try myself!

6. DIY Julet Twine Wreath

This was one of the best tutorial I found. 
I love that it not only tells you what to do but also shows you step by step how to create all of this goodness!

7. DIY Twine Handled Gift Bags

An easy, inexpensive way to create your own adorable packaging. 
8. Twine Presents

9. Bakers Twine

For all of you bakers out there... Have you ever used twine before?
 How adorable do these muffins look with twine?

10. For you all to use to hold my presents :)

I bet you didn't realize just how fun this little thing called Twine can be. If you want to check out a fabulous shop where you can buy fresh and colorful bakers twine head over to The Twinery. There are so many colors I can't wait to buy. 
Have you ever used twine to make anything around the house? 
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  1. I'm all for number 10. LOL! I wish I could the christmas tree ornament but I broke my skilled crafts gene and it was replaced with an impatient girl gene.

  2. I LOVE twine! My daughter just had a father/daughter breakfast at school and I was asked to do some manly decorations. So, I grabbed some jars, wrapped a little bit of twine around the middle, filled it with coffee beans and stuck a candle inside. SO CUTE...and manly, too! ;)

  3. Those are some great ideas! I always think of my dad, cause he uses twine for all kinds of things. So twine makes me smile! :)


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