Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, Friends!
It’s time once again for What I Wore Wednesday, brought to us by Lindsey of the Pleated Poppy! This week I made a huge effort to snap some pictures of my outfits. My mornings are always crazy with getting the boys off to school and that’s a lot of times when I try to snap a picture or two. Let's be honest it takes me way more than two tries to get a decent picture.

This outfit cost a total of $4.00. Unbelievable. It's so comfy and the boots feel like slippers. Remember me talking about the clothing swap I went to? Well, this is another treasure from that and the boots are from Goodwill. My sweet mom saw them and bought them for me.

I have been slacking on my exercise routine the past two weeks. Life gets crazy, schedules get busy but I am determined to MAKE time to exercise. Believe me, I am a much nicer, more patient mom and wife when I am exercising. Just ask my family! :) I just happened to have my camera laying around right before I was about to head out to my Zumba class. 

Random Fashion Facts about Me:
~ I would wear boots everyday of my life if possible.
~ I never wear lipstick because I always feel like I look like a clown! Lip Gloss it is!
~ My husband always laugh at me because he said the first time he met me I was wearing socks and sandals together! Ha!

Tell me a fun fashion fact about you? Oh and would you please go enter my Allora Handmade Giveaway. I bet the earrings would look fab in a WIWW post, just saying!



  1. Love the boots! Score.
    And if I win your giveaway - I will totally highlight in a WIWW post! ;)

  2. Love the outfit and I find more and more things that are alike about us each time you post!! I also would wear boots every! single! day! if I could. I also can not wear lipstick for the clown factor and love me some good lip gloss!! Zumba rocks, although I am pretty sure I look like an idiot while doing it. We often zumba to the "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me song"...uh ya no one is wishin their gf looks like I do while sweatin it out to that song. :) Socks with sandals, now that may be where we are different.... haha just teasin!! :)

  3. Very Cute Dress. I love adorable and inexpensive finds!

  4. So cute... $4 wow! I love boots, too. I'd love to get some in a pretty chestnut color.

    I wear lipstick, but it's the foundation that makes me feel clown-like! :)

  5. You look so cute in that dress and look at those gorgeous little boys. My MIL has 3 boys also and there is a saying hanging in her powder room that reads: "There is a special place in heaven for the mother of three boys."

    Also, thanks for entering the giveaway :)

  6. You look so cute and ready to work out. Zumba is everywhere, I've been tempted to look into it. Your family is gorgeous, by the way! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Oh yes, the sandals and socks thing made me laugh!

  7. love that dress! you look great! I feel like im a better mom too when i exercise!

  8. Love the outfit!!!
    I, too, could live in boots. Love them. And like you, I am a gloss gal. I feel weird in lipstick.

  9. You look A-mazing! Seriously gorgeous! I love that dress so much.

    I feel the same way about exercise. I need to be doing more of it! Also, I totally agree with the lipstick thing. Every time I try to wear it I end up dabbing it off. Not my thing. :)

    Now, tell me, were you really wearing socks and sandals together? I love it!

  10. My sister always finds great deals at Goodwill- she found me the cutest pink and green J. Crew button down for $2.50. Everything I find usually is broken and smells like cat pee. :)

    Thank you for your nice comment at Team Skelley. I hope to get the hang of self-portraits by next week!


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