Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Missoni Craze

Hello 1970's
Even if before Tuesday you never heard of Missoni or swooned after their trademark stripes and zig zags I am sure you have by now. The famous Italian designs made waves with their Target debut Tuesday and within minutes of the stores opening the fabulous collection was gone. The 400-piece line has everything you can think of with prices between $2.99 for stationary and $599.99 for patio furniture. Which is a literally fraction of the price of the Italian designer's typical offerings, which run from $595 to $1,500.  

I love designer clothes but when I do shop it's often at TJ Maxx, H&M or Target. I would like to say I was there the minute the doors opened but I wasn't. I got on facebook and kept seeing all kinds of crazy posts about the cart fulls some of my fashionista friends had purchased. I then knew I was missing out on something big. 

It reminded me of Black Friday and while some stay as far away from the craziness of that day I jump right in. My heart starts racing and I get so excited to be apart of the crazy. Which brings me to yesterday morning. I got up and went to Target right away just to see if there was anything left. As I walk to the back of the store guess what I see? Oh my. Oh my. It's the black and white bike everyone was talking about. My heart started racing. I immediately got it down and started riding it. {kidding} I took it to the front of the store and bought that baby. As I was walking out with my adorable bike and a few other Missoni goodies I had found I had 2 people offer to buy it from me in the PARKING LOT.  Seriously? I will say she is adorable. 

Not gonna lie I did get on it and feel like I was in New York or in a scene of Sex and The City. It's fabulous but for a mom of three from Ohio I don't know how practical it is. Plus, I am hearing they are going for like triple of what it cost to buy it. {sigh} Should I keep her or not? Here's the kicker I am not one to be a craiglist girl or ebay queen. So, If I do sell her I need your help... who do you use to sell your goods? Did you go to Target and stand in line to snag a piece or two of Missoni? I would love to hear all about it!  

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  1. it is so cute, but how can you resist selling it for 3x the money??? do it! but don't ask me how.

  2. Cute! Looks like you really scored! If you decide to sell, maybe ebay might be best... but how do you ship something like that??

  3. Have to say very cute and sassy. You would look adorbs riding in the neighborhood! I also must say that passing up the opportunity to see for 3x would be hard to pass up!! I have sold some things on ebay before and getting the "your item sold" message is ridiculously gratifying...just sayin!
    Be blessed beauty!!

    PS if you decide to keep your black and white beauty hop on and ride in up to MI for a visit at my house. I'll have something warm in a big mug when you get here, totally promise! ;)

  4. I love to make a buck when I can and Craigslist has been my best friend. What you could do is post it on craigslist for a high amount and see what happens. Either A) you sell it for asking price or get an offer that is still really good and could allow you to buy the bike when the initial craziness blows over, plus a bunch of other missoni stuff or B) You don't make any profit but keep the bike. Let me know if you have any craigslist questions Good luck with whatever you decide.

  5. Oh sell that puppy for 3x the amount for sure! It's awesome, but don't miss out on this ridiculous craze! I got NONE of it! I hear the flats (what I wanted!) are going for like $250. In.SANE.

    Use Craigslist ... super easy, fast and no shipping involved! You can do it! : )


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