Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday to the man...
who works so hard to provide for our family
who loves our boys like crazy
who sacrifices a lot to make our lives easier
who makes me the madest but also the happiest
who is loyal and encouraging,  
who is my doer of life together
and who is the sexiest 33 year old ever!

Your boys got out your old guitar, sat on the floor and decided to write you a song. Who knew that 33 years ago you would have three little boys who think the world of you. 


My Dad is a Rockstar.
He lives in Mason’s house.
He is a famous Rockstar.
We love the famous Rockstar
Happy Birthday Rockstar
He is the best at playing soccer.

Famous Rockstar Dad
We love you
Famous Rockstar Dad
We love you

My Dad is the best at playing soccer
when we weren’t even born.
How about you be a Rockstar for the rest of your life.
Rockstar Dad.

Dad we love you even when you get mad at us.
You’re the best Dad for always playing
soccer with me, even if you always beat me.
Your just my Rockstar Dad

Dad we love you so why don’t you be a Rockstar.
So all the crowds can cheer for you.
Oh famous, famous, famous
Your our famous Rockstar Dad

Famous Rockstar Dad
We love you
Famous Rockstar Dad
We love you.


  1. LoL, that is one RAD song! What a sweet family you have!

  2. Thanks Bekah! The boys had so much fun writing it. :)


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