Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Grade is Calling.

My sweet boy. It's time.
We have prayed for a place, a school where we could call home for you, 
while your away from home.
We found it last year. 
Thankful that when you walk in the doors
 I believe with all that is in me that you will learn, laugh and be loved on by some of the sweetest teachers I know.

I need you to stop growing. I can remember this time last year and my stomach was in knots. I was nervous for you. I felt like it was my first day of school all over again.
I thought this time would be different.
 Oh sweetie it's not. 
I knew this day was coming. You are more than ready.
I am not.

Wasn't it just a minute ago that I was rocking you to sleep. 
Jumping up and down when you said your first words.
I feel like I simply blinked and here we are. 
Oh my sweet boy you make my heart smile.

I am so proud of you and I am so thankful 
for the boy that you have become. 
I have seen you grow leaps and bounds this summer.
I know you will be great.
I know that you will learn a lot. 
I know that you will make so many new friends
and enjoy all of your old friends. 
I know you will be forming life long friendships
and I am so thankful. 

Please know, my sweet boy. 
I will be praying.
I will be waiting to pick you up as soon as the bells rings.
Welcome to first grade my love.


  1. Aww bless your heart, and his as well!! ;) My first born love is beginning pre school this year. I am so very excited for him but it makes my stomach turn at the same time!! It was but a moment ago that I walked him through our front door for the very first time and now I am about to walk him into the world, all the while covering him in prayer and asking Jesus to bless his precious life today and always!! Blessings beauty!

  2. Goodness, he is a cute little guy. I hope he has a great day!

  3. He is the cutest little first grader I've ever seen. Love your dress too! It won't be too long before this is me and I am sure it will go by in a blink.

  4. He looks way to grown up!! Casey's first day of Kindergarten was today as well. Tough, tough day. They are growing before our eyes and as proud of I am of him, I miss my baby. Seems like he was just born, and now he is off to start a new adventure without me. Brady and Casey both will be just fine. They are at good schools, places that will teach them and also nurish them and encourage them to become fine young men. I hope Brady boy has a wonderful first day!! love you!


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