Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday {Wedding Edition}

Hi Friends! It's time to link up again with Lindsey! Don't worry, it's not pictures of me in a wedding dress. Although, I wonder if I could fit into that beautiful gown? How fun would it be to sit around with girlfriends in our old wedding dresses like the Friends episode? {that episode was one of my favorites} This past weekend my sisters Best Friend and my fabulous hairdresser got married. She was stunning and the picture above just makes me smile! I wanted to find something that was dressy enough to wear out on the town. Why? I don't know. With three kids I am not really out on the town much but if for some reason I am... I have the perfect outfit! :)

{I had to put a picture of my sister and mom in here}

Dress~ Macy's
Shoes~ T. J. Max
Necklace~ Forever 21

Keeping with the wedding theme I thought I would find out some more about YOU. This week I have two questions for you. First, do you still have your wedding dress? Second, could you still fit in it if I called you to come over for a 'Friends episode'? Seriously, thanks for always playing along with my questions. I truly look forward to reading all your fabulous comments. Until next week friends! xoxoxo


  1. love the dress!
    yes i still have it but not fitting in it now (25 weeks oreggo) but id still like to come watch friends!

  2. Love your dress. And how stunning are your mom and sister?! What a beautiful family.

    Yes...I still have my dress. And let me know when. I'm SO in. :)


  3. Love the dress Maria, my only complaint is I can't see your shoes! :)
    My wedding dress is at my parents' house and right now being 32 weeks pregnant I could NOT fit into it! :) I'd like to think in a year from now I could rock it, even after having 5 kids! That will be the goal!

  4. I suppose I should've said, I can't see ALL of your shoes. ;)

  5. I totally think we should do it! I have is in a preservation box. Surprisly, it would be big. Can you believe that!

  6. Can I borrower your dress, I have a wedding to go to and I love it! LOL! Ok, heres something that you should totally do... A couples of years ago a bunch of girl friends got together in our wedding dresses and watch our wedding videos, it was so much fun. I have never laughed so much in my life.

  7. Cute dress! I always dress up for weddings too, a mama needs to get her glam on from time to time :)

    I still have my wedding dress, and I'm pretty sure I could fit into least hope so! lol

    And that friends episode was were all the others!

  8. Giiirrrrlll! You *know* I would so be in to sit around in our dresses together! And YES, I still have my dress and I think I could still squeeze into it :)

  9. You are rockin' that dress lady! You look so pretty!!!

  10. Ooooh - I LOVE that dress!!! And I have a wedding to go to this summer, so perhaps I may run to Macy's....

    Yes, I still have my wedding dress, although its preserved in a box. I have really thought hard about getting it out and having some awesome photos done in it. I *think* I could fit in it? I am the same size as I was then, however, I was much more buff back then. Almost 11 yrs ago. lol.

  11. I totally still have my dress but no I do not think I could fit into it but if you gave me enough time I would TOTALLY diet to fit back into it for the "Friends" party!

    You look awesome, by the way! And no ruffles! :)


  12. I still have it but I don't know if I would be able to get it zipped

  13. Your outfits are always STUNNING!!!

  14. I have a wedding to go to this weekend...can I borrow your dress please :) Love it!

  15. Love your dress!!! Perfect for wearing to a wedding. Yes, I still have my dress. Not sure if I can still fit in it but would def try for a fun night of girls sitting around in our wedding gowns having a good time :)


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