Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I Love Thursday {Etsy Edition}

I am back for another week of Things I Love Thursday: Etsy Edition. In case you are new to the blog this is a series where I link up with Jill from Diaper Diaries and show all of you lovelies some of the fabulous new Etsy shops I have been swooning over! This week I am loving the handmade goodness of these colorful yarn and felt wreaths by ItzFitz  

So are you ready to see all this goodness? 

You can't help but smile when you see them. 
My front door could certainly use the cheering up.  

How cute would this be for a birthday party?

What I love about this shop is that there are so many different ways these wreaths are made. You can find some made of felt, yarn or grapevine. Plus there are adorable napkin rings and so much more!
Want more of the ItzFitz  handmade wreaths, brooches, and napkin rings? Then go check out their Facebook page and of course 'like' them

Until next week my lovelies. Enjoy this fabulous day and have fun shopping at ItzFitz! Please don't forget if you own an Etsy shop or know of some fabulous finds contact me and you may be featured on Things I Love Thursday Etsy Edition!


  1. I love etsy! For lots of things!! I have to hide my wallet if I am going to peek around on the site.

  2. Ah! I came across this Etsy shop sometime last fall and drooled over a few wreaths but sadly never purchased one. They are so very pretty, though.

  3. OOH this is dangerous. I love Etsy. Do you do Heartsy? Cause that is breaking my bank!!

  4. {Jill} I have NEVER done Heartsy. I did just look at it for the first time. Ooh my. Why am I just hearing about this? I don't know if I should thank you or not! ;)

    {Jamie} I just loved them when I saw them! I have a few friends who make wreaths like that but I just thought these were just great!

    {Sara} I am the same way! Etsy always gets me in trouble. So much great stuff!


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