Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pool Days.

With today being the 'official' start of summer I packed my three little
men and off we went to the pool. For some this is not a big adventure. It is one that is more of a summer routine. For me, it's an adventure. I have never been one to love going to crowded places. I don't know if it's a lack of confidence in my parenting or simply the fact that I don't want to put my boys in an environment where I *think* I am setting them up to fail, get in trouble etc. Then the other day Chris and I were driving in the car and he said to me, "You know our boys are really great. They are well behaved, well mannered".... I found myself interrupting him to say what they don't do. 
He simply looked at me and said, "You want them to be perfect and they are kids."
Have you ever had a moment that kinda smacks you in the face? 
This was my moment.
They are young boys. They are great boys. Yes, they will mess up and do things that need to be corrected. That is okay. That is my job as a parent. So, maybe I need to lighten up on them and myself and just enjoy my role as their mom and let my boys be just that, little boys.
Which brings me back to today. After breakfast I packed up all three of my little loves and told them we were headed to the pool. After many yells of excitement I loaded up my crew by myself for the first time and headed to the pool. 
Oh friends I am so glad I did.

Thankful I was able to see the imperfection in myself and not allow my lack of confidence to affect my boys. I would of missed out on a great 1st day of summer! What are you missing out on due to your lack of confidence as a mom/wife/sister/co-worker/friend?


  1. Maria, I find myself looking for perfection in my little people also. Guess God thought I needed to work on these issues (my own) because this year a whole bunch of friends joined the pool :). Lots of parenting going on in front of each other...very humbling. Good for you for taking them and having fun!!

  2. Good for you!
    I think that at one point, I was hesitant. But to stay sane, I had to take that initial deep breath and dive in and put myself out there with them. Of course, there were memorable moments of insanity (one being me huffing them out of the zoo, 1 being carried, one in the Bjorn, one in a stroller). But the good outweighed those moments.

  3. Jeni~ You are so right, parenting in front of others {especially friends} is more than humbling. :)

    Karri~ I think I am at that point of taking the deep breath and diving in. I was cracking up reading about your zoo moment. I could totally see me doing that. The things we do for our kids! :)


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