Monday, April 11, 2011

Taking a Hard Left... Journey of Motherhood

Have you ever had a day when 'motherhood' gives you a swift kick to the heart? If not, trust me you will. Today was the day for me. It's one of those mornings were I clearly see my little boys being not so little. It's exciting and yet at the same time it makes me sad. It's funny how, as a mom, you look forward to your kids doing 'the next big thing' but I am ready for those 'next things' to be put on hold for just a little bit longer. 

As I am writing this to all of you I have a sweet little boy who learned on his own how to hike his chubby little leg up on the couch. As I look back over my shoulder he is sitting with his paci and with a blanket HE put on himself. He is as happy as he can be. The look of independence on his face is priceless. 

For about two weeks now my two older boys have asked EVERY morning if they could go into school together. A lot of the older kids parents pull up and drop their kids off. So, today I said okay. Everything in me wanted to say, "No, I take you into school." But I knew they were ready. They had talked about it all morning. As I was listening to them get ready for school this morning I could hear Brady asking Mason if there was anything he needed him to do in his class, like get out his snack or his folder. It was a moment for me as a mom I don't think I will ever forget. Why? Because at that very second they didn't need me. They had each other. That whats brothers are for, right? 

I have known that this crazy thing called Motherhood is a journey. One that has many peaks and valleys. As my role continues to change I am learning to embrace the continual change. 

Seeing what makes my boys tick, what makes them unique, what makes them beautiful, that is my gift as their mom. And I am thankful that in Christ, He gives me the confidence to recognize it. This 'new' experience will be character building for all of us. It’s scary. It’s going to be difficult for me but it also is so exciting. To see my boys depend on each other and lean on each other fills me with overwhelming peace. 

Life is constantly changing, our jobs, our relationships, our children. Today I am choosing to wrap my arms around it and embrace it. How do you choose to embrace the constant changes in your life?


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. My oldest is now 5, and every day he does more and more by himself. I always ask him "what happen to my baby boy?" It breaks a mama's heart, yet warms it knowing you are raising independent children.

  2. Stumbled upon your blog, great post! I think I pray daily for God to help me embrace what is to come. I just treasure listening to conversations between my children especially when they are encouraging each other. I pray for them to have life long loving relationships with each other. I pray they can lift each other up and sharpen each other. Happy to meet you, can't wait to read more!

  3. {Carri} I am totally with you... Isn't it heartbreaking and so awesome at the same time? I truly do love being a mom!

    {Jami} So thankful you found my blog! I am so with you on praying daily for our children. I think it's a HUGE part of my role as their momma!


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